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Diversified Energy - Price Protection
Like most commodities, propane prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Supply and demand, trader activity, geopolitical, and weather are some of the factors that can affect the price of propane. Diversified Energy is continually monitoring petroleum markets to purchase propane gas at competitive levels. Annual programs are offered to customers based on these procurements. For your peace of mind, Diversified Energy offers our customers an opportunity to manage their propane product costs for the pending heating season(s). The following options are generally offered in mid to late summer:

CAP PRICE – This option ensures the customer that their winter-use pricing will not exceed a certain level. The CAP PRICE program, which couples a small sign-up fee with a manageable monthly payment plan has been growing in popularity.

LOCK PRICE – This option offers a static price per gallon and anticipated consumption gallons are either paid in advance or in (3) bi-monthly payments. The delivered price remains the same regardless of propane market price fluctuation.

Sign up dates for CAP PRICE is generally August 1st through September 15th.

Propane gas continues to be a favored energy source, and Diversified Energy is working hard to make it affordable and fit in your personal budget.

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