Propane fueled car by Sharp Energy

Did you Know That Propane Powers Vehicles? Introducing Sharp Energy Fuel Stations

You know that propane gas can power your outdoor grill, your alternative heating supply, and even your water heater, but did you know propane fuel is an option for your vehicle?

Propane AutoGas is just another excellent propane use idea to help the environment through low emissions. It’s also great for your wallet, as filling up at propane vehicle fueling stations leads to substantial savings. Those two reasons alone are enough to bring you many “smiles” to the gallon when you use AutoGas propane fuel.

Worldwide, more than 27 million vehicles are powered by propane fuel. Sharp Energy, a leader in green energy who continuously pursues innovative propane use ideas, can convert entire fleets of light, medium-, and even heavy-duty vehicles to Autogas. On top of that, Sharp Energy operates propane vehicle fueling stations in three Northeastern states.

Let’s fill up with information about Sharp Energy, what to expect when you use propane vehicle fueling stations, and why propane fuel is a safe, viable, and beneficial alternative to gasoline.

About Sharp AutoGas Stations

To bring you the safest, most convenient propane vehicle fueling stations in parts of the Northeast, Sharp Energy partners with Alliance AutoGas, which is a national consortium made up of more than 120 propane and Autogas companies. Alliance AutoGas, founded in 2009, operates thousands of Autogas stations nationwide.

Through this partnership, Sharp Energy is one of several propane providers ready to fill converted vehicles with propane fuel at its dozen propane vehicle fueling stations located in and around areas of Delaware, Maryland, and Philadelphia, PA. Some stations are located at Sharp Energy sites, while others are onsite and publicly accessible.

Propane gas station for automobiles

Filling up at propane fuel stations is as easy as, and similar to, filling up at gasoline stations. Through no-spill dispensing, it’s safe and convenient. Simply pull up to the refill station as you would at any gas station and turn off the vehicle. Open the vehicle’s fuel door. Then remove the nozzle from the dispenser and screw it tightly to the tank fill valve. Press the “Push Here to Start” button after inserting and having your card information confirmed.

Squeeze the nozzle handle, and voila! You’re filling up your vehicle with propane fuel! As with a gasoline nozzle, the dispenser will stop dispensing when the tank is full.

Why AutoGas

Upon the opening of the first Sharp Propane Autogas station in New Castle County, DE, in June 2014, Bob Zola, then-President of Sharp Energy, stated, “Propane autogas is the highest grade of commercial propane and is the most widely used alternative fuel for gasoline and diesel vehicles in the world. It’s domestic, [and] it’s also economical.” 

He added, “Vehicles that have converted to propane autogas will save $1.25 to $1.50 on each gallon of propane as compared to gasoline.” Excellent savings, especially considering today’s gasoline prices!

So, environment friendliness, cost savings, and a domestic energy source that allows us to reduce dependence on foreign sources are a few of the reasons that answer the question: “Why AutoGas?”

Conversion to AutoGas can be made for fleets of any size. Sharp Energy uses an EPA-certified aftermarket conversion system that can be installed in more than 200 types of vehicles. What’s more, these fleet conversion systems for propane fuel can be moved between fleets if on the same engine platform, and it’s only a small investment to convert fleet replacement vehicles. Plus, there is always the potential for government grants and tax incentives when converting cars to cleaner, greener AutoGas, so there are more savings than those you’ll realize at the pump.

All of these benefits have led AutoGas to become the third most popular fuel and the best alternative fuel for light and medium vehicles on the market.

Fueling Training and Safety

The relationship between you and Sharp Energy does not stop when the conversion to propane fuel for your vehicles is completed.

Full training, including basic and safety, is conducted with each company’s technicians and drivers and any and all personnel within the organization if desired. The training consists of fueling instruction as well as operational and maintenance training.

AutoGas propane fuel and its equipment are highly rated for safety; for instance, propane fuel tanks are constructed of carbon steel that meets the code established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Other safety facts concerning AutoGas propane fuel:

  • Propane fuel tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant compared to gasoline tanks.
  • Propane fuel tanks withstand four times the pressure of gasoline tanks.
  • Chances of accidental combustion are significantly reduced due to the lower flammability range of AutoGas compared to conventional gas.
  • A drop in pressure results in an automatic shutdown and stop of propane flow.
  • AutoGas propane vehicles reduce noise pollution.
  • AutoGas is nontoxic, nonpoisonous, and insoluble in water—none of which can be said for other gas forms, such as gasoline, methanol, diesel, and ethanol. So, an accident that causes the release of AutoGas—a rare event in itself—would lead the propane to dissipate harmlessly into the air, soil, or water.
Happy couple driving their propane-fueled home

The safety of AutoGas is not confined to the tank and to the properties of propane gas itself. Propane vehicle fueling stations have automatic shutdown with breakaway devices in case of any emergency situations.

Fueling up, driving, and even in accidents, the safety of AutoGas propane fuel cannot be understated.

About Sharp Energy

A subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation since 2013, Sharp Energy has been operating for over 35 years.

The company serves over 52,000 customers through 12 customer service centers in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. In 2022, it acquired the propane division of Davenport Energy in Siler City, bringing operations for Chesapeake Utilities Corporation into North Carolina.

Through its partnership with Alliance AutoGas, established in 2012, Sharp Energy expanded its ability to bring propane vehicle fueling stations, propane fuel conversion system installations, and complete training capabilities to those customers seeking AutoGas as their primary fuel for fleet vehicles.

In December 2021, Sharp Energy acquired Diversified Energy, a top-ranked propane retailer on the East Coast. This North Carolina-based propane company serves over 25,000 customers and sells more than 10 million gallons of propane annually.

Contact Diversified Today!

If you’re ready to work with a team that always puts its customers first, contact Diversified today! We have a friendly team that is eager to assist you with all your propane needs!

Diversified Energy operates eight service and showroom centers throughout North Carolina and a location in Mount Joy, PA. The company has an automatic “watchdog” propane delivery service, 24/7 emergency response, leases and installs propane storage tanks, and sells, installs, and maintains a wide variety of propane products, from outdoor grills and stoves to fireplaces and tankless water heaters from leading manufacturers such as Bradford White, Kozy Heat, Napoleon, Rinnai, and Hearthstone. In addition, Diversified Energy lays out and installs gas lines and works with commercial customers for all their propane needs.

Reach out to Diversified Energy today to learn more about Sharp Energy, Alliance AutoGas, and the other ways you can use propane to power your life.