330 Gallon Propane Tank – Uses, Benefits, and Availability

If you’re new to propane use or upgrading an existing system, you might wonder what size propane tank you need to meet your needs. Propane tank sizes range from 100- to 1,000-gallons, covering usage for small, medium, and large homes as well as commercial establishments.

You should ask yourself: How many propane appliances do you intend to use? Have you added a few appliances that call for the need of an upgrade? How small is too small? What large size would be overkill?

Then there’s placement to consider. Do you want an above- or underground tank? How far from the house does a propane tank need to be installed? Do you have the property size necessary to adhere to the distance requirements?

All said and done, a 330-gallon horizontal propane tank would be sufficient if you’re running a few appliances on propane, such as a water heater, stove, and clothes dryer, or heating a medium-sized home along with a gas fireplace and a stove.

Let’s further explore the uses and benefits of having a 330-gallon propane tank and see if this is the right choice for you.


Basically, a propane storage tank is used to hold propane needed to power propane-fueled appliances, which includes everything from barbeque grills to water heaters. It’s important to figure the right size for your needs; too small, and you’re spending a lot to have propane delivered too often, and while having a tank too large isn’t really a problem, you will spend a lot at once rather than a smaller amount broken down into incremental delivery times. So, if you’re one who likes to budget, a tank that’s too large might hit you in the bank account at a time that might not be convenient for you.

It’s fairly easy to calculate how much propane you use on a monthly basis. If you’re heating your home, for example, you would figure the square footage of your home to arrive at average monthly usage. For a water heater, it would depend on the number of people in your household. Two people might use 10-15 gallons per month, while a family of five or more might consume 30+ gallons of propane each month.

Recommended Locations

For a 330-gallon propane storage tank, there must a minimum of ten feet between the tank and property line. The tank must also be placed a minimum of ten feet from the home or other structures.

A storage tank must also be easily accessible for propane delivery, so it should not be surrounded by shrubs or bushes or be situated behind a locked fence. Diversified Energy requires that the tank be accessible to within 100 feet. For aesthetic reasons, some homeowners might wish to have the tank placed far enough from the house as to be virtually unseen, but this might not be possible in relation to delivery parameters.

However, there is the option of an underground storage tank. Diversified has underground tanks available and would be happy to discuss this option with you.


The benefit of having a 330-gallon horizontal propane tank would first and foremost be to have on hand the monthly amount of propane you need to power your propane-fueled appliances. Whether you’re cooking, showering, or keeping warm on a cold winter’s night, you will rely on that propane on a daily basis, and having the right amount will give you peace of mind and allow you to maintain your routines without interruption.

The horizontal configuration is also a benefit if you wish to have the tank largely unseen without having to excavate for an underground unit. All propane tanks offered by Diversified Energy are horizontal with the exception of the 100-gallon tank, which comes in both vertical and horizontal forms.

With Diversified’s Budget Pay program, which allows you to pay in equal monthly payments, and a Watchdog delivery system that automatically arranges delivery of your propane without you having to call or monitor usage, it’s simply a huge benefit to have the correctly sized propane tank you need for your appliances.

Available from Diversified Energy

As a leading propane retailer on the East Coast, Diversified Energy is ready to be your go-to for all of your propane needs. With eight North Carolina locations that service areas of Virginia and South Carolina as well as a Mount Joy, Pennsylvania office, Diversified covers a lot of ground to keep more than 25,000 customers satisfied.

The 330-gallon horizontal propane tank is available for purchase from Diversified. When you choose Diversified Energy, you get qualified, licensed technicians who adhere to all placement requirements and regulations so you’re ensured the correct installation of your propane tank.

Call the Diversified Energy office nearest you to discuss propane tank sizes and propane delivery and get started on using the cleanest, safest energy source in the world to power your home.