120 Gallon Propane Storage Tanks

Looking to power your heat, fireplace, or stove with a propane supply and seeking the appropriate propane tanks for the job? There are some options to choose from based on how much propane you use on a monthly basis.

Chances are you’ll do fine with a 120 Gallon Horizontal Propane Tank or Vertical Tank, depending on where you’ll be placing the unit. Either type can be placed aboveground near the home.

Let’s take a closer look at a 120-gallon propane tank and why it just might be a good fit for your current propane needs.


The 120-gallon propane tank is designed to give a residential customer a propane supply of 30 days based on limited propane use.

Thus, this tank would be considered if you’re using propane for a water heater, space heater, or stove. These propane tanks are also great for specialty uses, such as specialty cookers, fryers, and smokers; pool heater; or gaslighting.

If you wish to heat your home with propane rather than electric, then a 120-gallon horizontal propane tank or vertical propane tank should be sufficient to meet your monthly demands.

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Recommended locations

Propane tanks 500 gallons or less are installed above-ground and are placed beside the home. There is no guideline as to the number of feet that a 120-gallon tank should be set off the building (250-gallon tanks are set a minimum of 10 feet from a dwelling).

Tanks are not situated inside the home nor in a garage, shed, or other structure.

Offering Both Horizontal and Vertical

There are both horizontal and vertical configurations for a 120-gallon propane storage tank. Mainly, the vertical tank can be placed closer to the house, while the horizontal is generally placed a farther distance away.

Tank placement and space are essentially the main considerations when choosing between a horizontal or vertical tank.


Basically, the greatest benefit of having a 120-gallon storage tank is that it offers a steady propane supply when you need it, whether you’re heating your home, drying your clothes, or cooking.

Designed to provide a month’s supply of propane, the 120-gallon propane storage tank is perfect to meet a home’s modest propane needs.

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