1,000 Gallon Propane Tank (Horizontal)

Once you’ve made the wise decision to turn to propane to power some or all of your appliances, such as your furnace, endless hot water heater, and an alternate heat source such as a stove or fireplace, you’re going to need a place to store that gas. 

Some propane suppliers, such as Diversified Energy, provide propane tanks for sale. Depending on such factors as the size of your home and your particular propane supply needs, you can choose from a variety of sizes when it comes to propane tanks. 

Propane tank sizes include:

For the sake of this page, we will focus on details about the 1,000-gallon horizontal propane tank.


Say you live in a 3,000-square foot home and are relying on propane gas to heat your home as well as power a backup generator in case of power loss. You’re also using propane for a gas fireplace, your tankless water heater system, and a pool heater. And, you also have a gas line attached to your outdoor grill that uses propane gas to fire up that grill for barbecues or family outdoor cooking.

That’s a lot of propane to rely on, and it would be recommended that you have a 1,000-gallon horizontal propane tank installed on your property to hold the amount of gas you would need over a one-month period.

You might also be a business owner who has decided to utilize propane as your main energy source. Chances are the 1,000-gallon storage tank will work best for you as well, as this size tank is recommended for commercial cleaning appliances, commercial cooking needs, commercial heating, and even crop drying equipment.

Recommended Locations

Just where would you install a propane tank of this size? For a 1,000-gallon horizontal propane tank, it is recommended that it be installed at least ten feet from the home or commercial building. These tanks can be installed above or underground.

If you choose to have your storage tank installed below ground for aesthetic purposes, it is highly recommended that you rely on professionals like those available from Diversified Energy. These professionals have knowledge about proper codes and safety requirements that you or an unlicensed contractor might be unfamiliar with.

Both above- and underground propane storage tanks should be installed away from any vehicular traffic; underground tanks should not be installed beneath driveways or outdoor buildings such as a garage or shed.

Offering Both Horizontal and Vertical

Diversified Energy offers all of the tank sizes listed earlier on this page; however, only the 120-gallon propane storage tank is offered in horizontal and vertical configurations. Diversified sells the 1,000-gallon propane storage tank only in the horizontal configuration. 

Vertical 1,000-gallon propane tanks are less common than horizontal ones. The horizontal shape allows for high-capacity storage with low visibility when installed above ground; if a 1,000-gallon tank is vertical, it would be harder to install inconspicuously behind shrubs or hedges as you can with a vertical 120-gallon tank. Many homeowners and business owners prefer tanks to be installed in such a way as to be discreet; when the underground option is not available, you can opt for a vertical tank that can be placed behind shrubs, fences, or outbuildings.

For installation purposes, a vertical 1,000-gallon propane storage tank would simply require too much excavation to place it underground; the horizontal shape makes it easier to install it underground and leave the tank dome visible for filling purposes.


The main benefit of having a 1,000-gallon horizontal propane tank is that you’re going to have all the propane you need over a one-month period to power all of the appliances that propane gas is used to operate.

Essentially, you’re guaranteed not to run out of propane before your next propane delivery with this large size storage tank.

The corrosion-resistant steel of your 1,000-gallon tank makes it safe to install below ground, so you have the benefit of not having the tank in sight if you choose not to and also to increase your outdoor space, as you won’t have this large tank taking up any part of your yard or business property.

An added benefit of a 1,000-gallon tank is if you choose such a tank if your home is not quite as large as that recommended for this size tank, or if you’re powering fewer appliances, than you would need a 1,000-gallon tank to power. Thus, you would have a larger amount of propane gas on hand for your needs and require fewer deliveries over the course of a year—a cost savings!

Available from Diversified Energy

If you live in NC or parts of VA or SC, or in or near Mount Joy, PA, you can join the more than 25,000 satisfied customers who rely on Diversified Energy for propane delivery, storage tank sales and installations of all size tanks including the 1,000-gallon capacity, emergency responses to gas leaks and other situations, and sales and installation of various gas products such as grills, stoves, fireplace inserts, and water heaters.

Diversified Energy, in business since 2000 and currently the 31st largest retailer in the U.S., employs trained and professional technicians who can lay out and install gas lines, install propane storage tanks, and deliver your propane following an automated “watchdog” system so you never even need to call—propane comes to you as soon as you need it!