Propane Tank Monitoring Systems

It’s happened to many of us: you go to fire up your outdoor grill, or your outdoor kitchen, and nothing. Or you step into a cold shower because your water heater doesn’t have the gas it needs to do its job. Or it’s the dead of winter and your heating system doesn’t have the power it needs to warm your home.

If you’re running your appliances and/or outdoor accessories with propane gas, it’s important that you know how much gas you have at all times to avoid the above and similar scenarios.

Not being able to grill up that steak can be an inconvenience. But losing heat during a sub-zero winter night can be life-threatening, particularly if you have an infant or elderly family member living with you.

The answer is a propane tank monitoring system.

The technology involved in these systems make it possible for you to wirelessly monitor your tank level or for your propane company to get information that your tank is low and that you need a propane gas delivery–pronto.

Read on to get more details about these effective and reliable systems that will help you avoid cold grills, cold showers and a cold home.

Keep Your Propane Level Up with Tank Monitoring Systems

Sometimes a tank gauge can be faulty, or simply hard to read when the elements have had their way with the face of the gauge.

A tank monitoring system uses wireless technology to transmit your need for propane directly to your propane delivery company. Companies like Diversified Energy can set up automatic home delivery based on the information provided by such a system.

In essence, you can turn your tank into a “smart tank”. You can set up a mobile app to have tank level details sent directly to your phone or computer via text or email. You get an alarm notification when you’re low. No more running outside in the cold or pouring rain to try to read the tank gauge. Simply get notified while you’re at work, running errands, or even on vacation. How convenient is that?

And the system alerts your propane company that you’re running low. No need for you to call and no need to wonder when your next delivery is. The tank will simply communicate with the propane company and viola! –  your delivery is on its way.

You simply have a sensor installed on your tank that works by measuring the distance between the bottom of the tank and the surface of the propane, a liquid gas. Via satellite, a message is transmitted to your electronic device and to your propane company.

In most cases, you can set up a monitor for each tank if you have more than one. Name them for your mobile app, such as “Outdoor Kitchen Tank” or “Indoor Heating Tank.” Monitor tank levels, check the battery level of your sensor, check sensor signal strength and more.

A propane tank monitoring system makes keeping your propane levels adequate and your peace of mind possible with a single push of a button.

Make Diversified Energy Your Propane Gas Company

If you are a resident of North Carolina or Pennsylvania, you can turn to Diversified Energy to provide all of your propane gas needs. From outdoor to indoor uses, Diversified Energy–which also services parts of Virginia and northern South Carolina–will keep you cooking, bathing and keeping warm!

From automatic home delivery to the installation of gas lines and storage tanks, Diversified Energy is your go-to for propane products, repairs and installation. Both residential and commercial service is available, and above- and underground storage tanks range from 120- up to 1,000-gallon storage tanks, so not only will tank monitoring and automatic delivery save your day, you can choose an adequate-sized tank that will meet all of your particular needs.

Whether you’re running a standby generator, working an outdoor kitchen, or heating your pool, Diversified Energy supplies the power you need to run your world.

Never Run Out of Gas with Modern Tank Monitoring Systems

Contact your Local Service Center to discuss anything and everything propane with Diversified Energy. You can get more information about tank monitoring, automatic delivery Will Call delivery, new construction installation, and the many products Diversified Energy offers in partnership with various manufacturers, such as Kozy Heat Fireplaces, Legendary Lighting, Broilmaster Grills and Majestic Fireplaces.

One of the team members can guide you through the process of getting an install, how to work the gauge, and more. You can also visit one of eight NC or the Mount Joy, PA, office and discuss your needs with a professional representative. Showrooms display many of the products offered by this propane company.

When it comes to running your life, Diversified Energy will make sure you never run out of gas.

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