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Diversified Energy - Propane Stoves
Propane stoves are a wonderful choice if you would like a natural, beautiful heating solution for your home, but can’t have a traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace. If your home does not have an existing masonry fireplace, lacks a chimney, or has any other issue that makes it impossible to install a traditional fireplace, a propane stove is your best bet.

We have a large selection of propane products and propane stoves from the leading companies in the world of home heating. Whether you can’t install a traditional fireplace, or you’re simply interested in the benefits of a freestanding propane stove, we’ve got what you need.

Propane Stoves Vs. Natural Wood Stoves – Understanding The Difference

Propane stoves are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves. Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between propane stoves and natural wood stoves.

Natural wood stoves use hardwood as their primary fuel source. If you have quite a bit of wood on your property, and you regularly chop it, this means that they can be very inexpensive to run. However, they can be a bit pricey to use if you have to purchase firewood. Natural wood stoves also usually can output more heat, but they can’t be adjusted easily – so you may not be able to control their heat output as effectively.

Propane stoves use energy-dense, clean-burning propane as their energy source. This means that you don’t have to spend time collecting firewood, and you can ignite your stove immediately, instead of spending time lighting a fire. In addition, propane stoves do not require nearly as much maintenance as a wood stove, as there is no ash and wood debris that must be removed after each use.

Typically, natural wood burning stoves and propane stoves are quite similar in appearance. They are usually built out of cast-iron or another highly-dense metal, which allows for better heat radiation in the home. Both types of the stove can be installed almost anywhere because they use a vent to release fumes and ash instead of a chimney.

The Advantages Of Installing A Propane Stove

Why should you choose a propane stove instead of a wood-fired stove or a traditional fireplace? Here are a few reasons.

  • Can be installed almost anywhere – Unlike a fireplace or a propane insert, a stove does not require an existing masonry fireplace. This means you can install a propane stove in a garage, basement, or any other living area where a chimney and fireplace are unavailable.
  • Usable for cooking – Propane stoves with flat tops and surfaces can be used to heat water with a kettle, cook food in a Dutch oven, and be used for a variety of other heating and cooking tasks. In addition, because the heat of propane stoves can be controlled easily, they are easier to use for cooking than comparable wood-fired stoves.
  • Turns on and off instantly – Modern gas-powered propane stoves can be controlled by remote, and do not even require an always-on pilot light. They can be turned off and on instantly – making them more convenient than wood-burning models.

Whether you’re just looking for an alternative to a traditional fireplace, or you are installing a stove in an area where you can’t use a fireplace, these advantages make propane stoves a great choice.

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