Underground Propane Tanks

Why and underground tank storage tank?

It’s fairly common knowledge that propane gas is a cleaner, more affordable energy source. It’s environmentally safe as well.

When you choose propane for your gas needs, you’re going to have to get a storage tank. These can range in size from 120 gallon tanks up to 1,000 gallon tanks (for residential use; commercial tanks can be as large as 1,000 gallons – 30,000 gallons).

For many homeowners, a propane tank might not be something they want to add to their home’s landscape.

While above ground tanks can be placed discreetly in many instances, if you’re looking to ensure that your tank can’t be seen by the neighbors or by passersby, an underground tank is the way to go for your propane supply.

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Benefits to Placing Your Propane Supply Tank Underground

With underground tanks, only the fittings needed to refill the tanks are aboveground, and even these are covered by domes that allow them to be more inconspicuous in your garden, lawn or other location.

But are there other benefits to placing your propane gas tank underground besides aesthetics? You bet! Let’s take a look.

Okay, so you’ve purchased some propane products; maybe a fireplace insert, or a water heater. Maybe you’ve even upgraded to a propane pool heater to quickly warm up that pool water. You’ve had the products placed, and gas lines installed.

Now it’s time to choose a storage tank for all that propane gas

There are several reasons why an underground tank is a great option, besides leaving your landscape looking pristine. Here’s a few:

  • Underground tanks are more resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Environmentally safe; won’t contaminate the soil or groundwater
  • Maintaining temperature. Being in the warm earth keeps tanks functioning efficiently in colder climates.
  • Security. Your tank is safe from the elements and from falling trees, acts of vandalism or any disaster that could cause damage to an above ground tank.

About the only thing that could deter you from having an underground tank is if you live in a flood area. As underground tanks can float due to rising water levels around the tank, it is not recommended for homeowners in flood zones to install a propane supply tank underground.

You Want an Underground Propane Tank…Now What?

Now that we’ve discussed why an underground propane gas storage tank is the way to go, we figure you’ll be excited to get your own. But, don’t go for the shovel just yet!

Installing an underground propane supply tank for your propane products requires professionals, like those from Diversified Energy. There’s codes and safety requirements to follow (you can’t bury an understand propane supply tank beneath a driveway or anywhere a vehicle will park for instance). Burying an underground propane tank is not a job for the homeowner.

Diversified Energy has been performing propane gas tank installations for the over 17 years, and is highly experienced in both above- and underground tank installations. Call us toll-free at 1-800-719-1104 to discuss more about underground storage tanks and whether these would be right for you. We’re more than happy to help get your lines and tank installed and get you on your way to a cleaner, budget-friendly energy source.