Gas Pool Heaters

Power your pool heater with propane

To keep your pool comfortable throughout every season, consider upgrading to propane. Propane gas powered pool heaters are highly efficient and allow you to use your pool far more often.

If you don’t have any type of pool heating at all, a propane heater installation is a great upgrade to consider that will add value to your pool.

There are also several advantages of these propane products compared to inefficient electric pool heaters or heat pumps which can cost significantly more to run and often won’t heat your pool as quickly.

There’s no faster or better way to have access to a pleasant pool throughout the year, even when the weather is freezing! Taking a swim in a nice warm water anytime you want is a luxury that you can start enjoying soon with the quick installation of a propane pool heater. The cost to install one and maintain your propane supply is lower than you think!

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Propane versus electric pool heaters

It’s estimated that a propane gas powered pool heater can heat a pool up to 7 times faster than an electric heat pump! That’s the difference between waiting up to 14 hours for an electric heat pump to get your pool heated compared to just a few hours.

Propane pool heaters also make your pool a lot more functional and usable on demand – when you want it. When the weather is cooler outside, electric pool heaters will struggle even more to get your pool warm enough to swim, while propane heaters typically have no problems.

On-demand efficient pool heating

Because of the fact that propane pool heaters only heat your pool when necessary, you don’t have to keep them running all the time and you save a ton of money on energy costs. It’s estimated that propane pool heaters cost about half the money to run compared to a similar electric heat pump.

Your energy costs for using an electric heat pump will really add up, especially if you swim frequently and enjoy using your pool throughout the year. Making a switch to propane or choosing it from the get-go with a new pool installation will keep your maintenance costs as low as possible.

Excellent durability

Propane products and propane pool heaters are widely known for their excellent durability compared to their electric counterparts. For example, propane furnaces last up to 10 years longer than electric furnaces.

The same is true for propane pool heaters – you can expect a new one to last a lot longer than an electric pool heater. Installing a propane pool heater will ensure that you can use it for years to come with minimal to no maintenance. It’s a smart investment even if you already have a functional electric pool heater because of the other efficiency benefits mentioned above.

Find out more about the latest propane pool heaters

Diversified Energy can help you select and install latest propane pool heaters from the top manufacturers. Installing one will keep your pool warm in any season and allow you to heat it quickly on demand. The latest propane pool heaters have state of the art components, are loaded with safety features, very energy efficient and easy to operate.