Propane Delivery

Automatic Propane Delivery

Diversified Energy specializes in propane delivery. We deliver propane gas supply to customers using a computerized delivery schedule linked to GPS. We bring the propane to you! Diversified Energy recommends our Automatic “Watchdog” delivery service to all of our customers who desire uninterrupted propane gas supply. Our 23,000+ customers can relax, knowing that our GPS dispatched trucks are linked to our computerized degree day system that ensures your propane is delivered in a safe and professional manner. For those who want to monitor and schedule their own propane deliveries, a Will Call option is also available.

Propane Services

Diversified Energy offers numerous programs to fit your budget and your lifestyle:

Propane Delivery Service Center Locations

Diversified Energy provides propane delivery in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Contact one of our service centers to get set up with Diversified Energy’s propane delivery services.

We recommend taking advantage of our Cap Price or Lock Price options that allow you to know propane costs ahead of time. This is an excellent way to manage your propane costs and budget accordingly. Combined with our automatic propane delivery service, you can maintain your peace of mind and enjoy your heated home, propane powered appliances, and hot water!

Our trustworthy drivers are licensed and trained to make every effort to protect your property during the propane delivery process. You can help us deliver propane safely and efficiently by making sure that access to your storage vessel is clear at all times. Propane is a “Green” energy source that leaves virtually zero ecological footprints, and Diversified Energy wants to leave your property unmarked as well.

Diversified Energy will gladly fill customer-owned propane tanks. A mandatory leak test is required prior to initial filling to comply with our safety procedures. Please remember to give advanced delivery request notice to avoid unnecessary special delivery charges.

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