Wilmington Cape Fear Junior Grills

When you think of being a Backyard Chef, you might get a vision of standing in a chef’s hat and Kiss the Cook apron in front of a huge grill with a cooking area the size of a football field, complete with side burners, steaming trays, and more. But what if you have no need of such a deluxe model?

No worries, you can still be a Backyard Chef without a grill of such formidable size. The Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Junior grill is a small propane grill that gives you all the versatility and quality you’d get in a larger design. If you have a space issue or are typically cooking for a small group, this smaller propane gas grill is all you’ll need to be the barbecue king of your yard…and maybe your neighborhood!

Whether you have a small patio or deck or a complete outdoor kitchen with multiple outdoor kitchen appliances, this Cape Fear Wilmington Grill model is an ideal fit. If you have a small family or just invite a few close friends to enjoy a night of barbecued food and outdoor games, the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Junior is up to the task. Just because it’s small does not mean that the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior Grill is in any way inferior when it comes to making the outdoor meals your family loves.

Benefits of a Propane Grill

From the taste of barbecued food to being outdoors on a lovely afternoon or evening, there are several benefits of a propane gas grill that cannot be argued.

Some benefits you’ll enjoy as an outdoor propane grill owner include:

  • Instant and more intense heat than a charcoal or pellet grill
  • The ability to reach the desired temperature more quickly
  • Even spread of heat across the cooking surface
  • Indirect heating options, such as smoking or slow cooking

With the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior Grill, you will have all these benefits, just as you would with a full-sized model. Want to make some burgers? Slow cook a whole chicken? Smoke some ribs? You can do all of this even on a small grill like the Junior Cape Fear Wilmington Grill.

Let’s take a closer look at the uses for the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior so you can see for yourself how you can virtually do it all with this grill; despite its small stature, there’s nothing small about this grill’s performance. 

Uses for the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior Grill

Think you won’t be able to cook a wide variety of foods on a small propane grill?

The Junior model, like other Wilmington grills, features an indirect cooking design, so you don’t have to worry about flare-ups, and you can also steam or smoke on the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior Grill. The Junior can handle burgers, hot dogs, ribs, ham, chicken, turkey, lobster tails. Basically, anything you can cook on a large grill can be prepared here, too, just in smaller quantities.

You can do all this if you choose some optional accessories for the Junior grill, such as the lava rock flame tray, side burner (with cover), smoker tray, steamer tray, and warmer rack. You can also get a front shelf assembly to hold all your Grill Master tools!

The brand of JCC Outdoor Products that has been manufacturing grills and components since 1996, Wilmington Grill is known for the durable construction of its grills. From its stainless-steel burners to its heavy-duty rubber wheels, the Junior grill demonstrates all of the durability of the five other models of grills Wilmington Grill manufactures under the Cape Fear line.

Of course, when you choose the Wilmington Cape Fear Junior propane grill, you’ll need a reliable company for propane delivery, and here’s where Diversified Energy comes in. Not only does Diversified partner with Wilmington Grill to sell and service the entire line of their grills, but they can also deliver the propane you need to power those grills as well as any other gas appliance you might have, such as a stove, fireplace, or water heater.

What’s nice about Diversified, whose nine office/showroom locations service all of North Carolina and the Mount Joy, PA, area as well as parts of SC and VA, is that you can sign up for automatic propane delivery. With this system, all the guesswork is removed; your propane usage is monitored, and the propane you need is delivered when you need it.

You can also look to Diversified Energy for gas line installations, emergency gas leak response, outdoor kitchen ideas, propane storage tank sales and leasing as well as above- and underground installation, and filling commercial propane needs for equipment for industrial production, commercial cooking, crop drying, and tobacco curing. Wilmington Grills is one of many partner brands of Diversified Energy (the 31st largest propane supply company in the U.S.), so you can visit any showroom to learn more about the Cape Fear Wilmington Grill Junior and the entire line of Cape Fear grills.