Wilmington Cape Fear Classic Grills

It’s hard to be a master carpenter without the right tools; likewise, you can’t be Grill Master without the best propane grill! Wilmington Grills is a leader in the industry, and adding a Wilmington Cape Fear Classic grill to your backyard will go a long way towards getting you crowned as the best backyard chef in the neighborhood.

Noted as the “model that started it all”, the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Classic reflects the durability and high quality that has come to define every propane grill that Wilmington produces. From its heavy-duty rubber wheels to its generous cooking area, the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear is from top to bottom everything you’re looking for in a propane grill.

We’ll take a closer look at this top performer as well as the company itself and even what satisfied customers are saying about the Cape Fear Wilmington Grill so you can see for yourself why this would be a wise choice if you’re planning on spending a lot of time this summer in an apron and chef’s hat, standing in front of the grill as your friends, neighbors, and family gathers and await the next juicy meal you’ll be serving up.

About Wilmington Grills

Wilmington Grills, the brand of JCC Outdoor Products based in Wilmington, NC, prides itself on manufacturing products offering quality, performance, and versatility. 

JCC Outdoor Products opened in 1996 and began manufacturing grills targeting serious grillers, with stainless steel components such as grates and burners and welded rather than riveted parts. By using stainless steel, grill owners will never have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Currently, the company produces six models of gas grills under the Cape Fear line.

The Cape Fear Classic

First in the Cape Fear line is the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Classic propane grill.

From its exclusive seven-sided design that eliminates the possibility of flare ups to the ability to steam or smoke food, the Classic is a 40,000 BTU grill that will be a mainstay in your backyard for a long, long time.

Features of the Cape Fear Wilmington Grill: 304 stainless steel burners with lifetime warranty; stainless steel heat deflector and drip pan; metered fuel valves for continued heat control and temperature adjustment; and flame inhibitor tray that trap and sends drips to a collector rather than allowing them to muck up your burners. The entire unit sits on 10-inch heavy-duty rubber wheels for added longevity and stability.

Optional accessories for the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Classic include: smoker tray, steamer tray, side burner with cover, and front shelf assembly to hold utensils and other items.

The high quality and durability you get from this propane grill compared to the cost makes this a model that is affordable and well worth the price if you’re serious about your grilling.

Customer Reviews

Purchasers of the Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Classic have many positive things to say!

Some examples:

“These grills are amazing. The stainless is heavy and durable unlike what you see at discount outlets…thanks for such a wonderful product.” – Sandy Pardue.

“I would definitely recommend this grill!” – Chris L.

“I’ve had [the Wilmington Cape Fear Classic grill] for five years no problems…this grill worth every penny the indirect cooking keeps the food juicy you don’t get the flareups it’s almost impossible to burn anything on this grill.” – Kenny G.

“My Wilmington grill is over 15 years old. It still works like a new one.” – Ilenna Milburn.

One customer even stated that they used their Cape Fear Wilmington Grill more than they used the oven in their kitchen!

Available from Diversified Energy

Wilmington Grills partners with North Carolina-based Diversified Energy, the 31st largest propane supply company in the U.S. with more than 25,000 customers, to bring you the Cape Fear Classic propane grill and other Wilmington products.

Diversified has eight locations throughout NC, including one in Wilmington, where the grill manufacturer is located. You can visit the Wilmington or other Diversified showrooms and see a model before selecting this top propane grill.

Since you’re likely going to be using your Cape Fear Classic over and over, you’ll need plenty of propane, and Diversified can help you there, too. It’s automatic “watchdog” delivery system allows the company to monitor your usage and deliver your propane when you need it, without you ever having to call. Diversified also installs gas lines; sells, and installs propane storage tanks; makes repairs to gas appliances; responds to leaks 24/7; and is a dealer for other propane products such as stoves, fireplaces, and tankless water heaters.

Once you pair your Wilmington Grills Cape Fear Classic with Diversified Energy, you’ll be well on your way to claiming that coveted title of Grill Master!