Wilmington Grill

Durable, Long-Lasting Gas Grills from Wilmington Grill

Diversified Energy is proud to present a line of stainless steel gas grills from Wilmington Grill.

If you want to hear words like ‘durable’ and ‘reliable’ and ‘high quality’ when it comes to propane grills, then you’re on the right page. From a traveler model to a large 3-burner grill with side burner, Wilmington Grill is sure to have a product that satisfies all that you’re looking for in a grill.

Wilmington Grill proudly stands by its “Built for a Lifetime” guarantee–one of the best warranties in the grilling industry! All gas grills are constructed of high quality stainless steel to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. Even the burners, grates and drip pans are made out of the same thick-gauge steel. A Wilmington Grill is durable both inside and out.

If you’re looking at a lifetime of grilling, then you’re looking at Wilmington Grill.

The Wilmington Grill Line

The Cape Fear Grill series from Wilmington Grill features seven models that will appeal to both the casual griller and the self-proclaimed outdoor chef. All models feature Wilmington Grill’s seven-sided top design and stainless steel construction.

Take a brief look at propane grills you can choose from:

  • Classic – The very first gas grill manufactured by Wilmington Grill. All the features you’d need, including side burner, smoker and steamer trays and a front shelf for utensils.
  • Deluxe – A step up from the Classic, with more cooking area and two side shelves.
  • Junior – All the great features of the Classic, just in a smaller form. If you don’t grill much or don’t grill for many, this one’s for you!
  • Custom – A Deluxe model offering the chance to add a logo or name to the front panel. Make your grill the talk of your neighborhood.
  • Master – The granddaddy of gas grills, with a huge griddle/grate cooking surface and three burners. No one goes hungry when you grill with the Master!
  • Custom – Get the both of both worlds: gas on one side, charcoal on the other.
  • Traveler – Take it tailgating or on a boat. The Traveler model has all the quality of the other propane grills except that it goes wherever you go.

Except for the Traveler, of course, all models have 10-inch wheels made of heavy-duty rubber so moving it from one area to another is never an issue.

Accessories include full- and half-griddle kits, lava trays and rocks, steamer baskets, rib racks, smoker kits and warmer racks. You can even get a stainless steel utensil set, cup and utensil holders, and grill scrapers.

Since 1996, Wilmington Grill hasn’t only been making top-grade grills, they’ve been making happy and satisfied customers.

For Products and Services

If you have any questions regarding Wilmington Grill products, gas propane delivery or hooking up your grill directly to your gas system, you can contact Diversified Energy or contact local Diversified Energy Service Center.