Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings is a leading producer of eco-friendly, beautifully designed and expertly crafted fireplace inserts and stoves. The company has been committed to creating energy efficient products for over 35 years and has consistently met or exceeded EPA standards for emissions throughout this period of time. Diversified Energy is pleased to offer you information about Vermont Casting’s latest fireplace products as well as information on our residential propane delivery services to keep your home comfortably heated in the most energy efficient way possible.


A Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

If protecting the environment is important to you, Vermont Castings is the right brand for your next fireplace insert or stove. Vermont Castings does everything possible to limit their environmental impact when manufacturing their products.

Their products are constructed from 100% recycled and reused materials such as vehicle brakes, rotors and leftover scraps from completed fireplace products. They utilize an environmentally friendly casting process with clay and sand rather than man-made polymers. This process is designed to save resources and is their main casting method.

Their plant also runs on 60% renewable hydro power and 40% nuclear power, both of which are clean energy sources. Even the light bulbs at their plant are energy efficient T5 fluorescents and their motors are engineered to be energy efficient!

Beautiful Handcrafted Fireplace Products

Vermont Castings has become well known for the beauty of their products, and it comes down to the intricate detail that goes into their creation. Master pattern makers refine every detail of their products by hand to guarantee that they are precise in their measurements and aesthetically appealing.

The iron is poured into a mold of clay and sand and mixed with sea coal and clay to create smoothness and cohesion in the final product. A precision pour process is overseen with sophisticated manufacturing technology to avoid any bubbles or pits in the cast iron, and a beautiful enamel finish is added at the end of the process.

Direct Vent and Vent-Free Gas Stoves

Vermont Castings’ gas stoves are an energy efficient way to heat your home with convenient on/off controls. They offer both direct vent and vent free stoves depending on your preferences. Direct vent stoves eliminate the need for a standard chimney with a venting system that directly draws in air from outside and sends the exhaust back outdoors. The vent-free stoves draw air from inside of the home and can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.

Vent free stoves can be used in North Carolina and offer several advantages compared to direct vent stoves. Heating efficiency is much higher as there is no heat lost through the chimney or flue. The Radiance model offered by Vermont castings can heat up to 2,000 square feet while the smaller Stardance model can heat up to 1,500 square feet. The same models are available as direct vent stoves and can be purchased with convenient add-ons like warming shelves with mitten racks, on/off controls and a blower kit to improve heating efficiency.

If you’re looking for high quality, green manufactured, energy efficient gas stove or fireplace insert, Vermont Castings is certainly a great option! Contact your local Diversified Energy service center to learn more about Vermont Castings’ products or to arrange regular residential propane delivery for your gas powered stove or fireplace insert!