Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Do you have a water heater that is falling apart, out of date, or perhaps just not fit for your residential or commercial needs? Noritz is proud to offer its customers a variety of top-of-the-line tankless hot water heaters, carefully engineered to tailor fit the needs of its users.

Since they introduced the modern tankless hot water heater back in 1981, Noritz yhas been proud to remain a leader in producing water heating products that save their customers energy while providing the highest quality service.

Noritz’s Products

When most people think of water heaters, the vast majority will likely envision a large and cumbersome metal tank. Those who have them know that they can only hold a limited amount of preheated water. Even if you have a larger tank, there are bound to be busy days where someone will go for a shower and find nothing but cold water. Traditional tank water heaters also wear out quickly and are constantly using energy to heat your water, draining money right out of your pocket.

Fortunately, Noritz’s line of tankless heaters are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also provide higher efficiency, greater convenience, and relief to their customers’ wallets. Available for both residential and commercial applications, Noritz not only a provides wide range of tankless hot water heaters, but also vents, pipes, treatment systems, controllers, and remotes. Depending upon the size of the residence or building, product options can be customized to fill a range of needs. And in some cases, after your tankless heater has been installed by a Noritz trained professional, you might qualify for utility rebates.

How Tankless Works

Classic tank water heaters work by filling the entire tank with water, heating it, and then dispensing it. The trouble is that if the heated water is used too quickly, it takes time for the tank to fill up and heat all of that water again. This also means that the bigger the water heater, the longer it will take to get hot water again. But with a tankless heater, there is no waiting at all.

With tankless hot water heaters, the heating process doesn’t even begin until you turn your hot water valve on in your shower, kitchen sink, etc. Cold water then passes through the flow sensor, alerting the computer. The computer then regulates the heat according to the desired settings and sends the water through the heat exchanger. The water comes out as warm or as hot as you want, and when you turn the water off, the heater turns off too.

Save Money and the Environment

When it comes to Noritz’s tankless hot water heaters, you will find that the benefits out way any risks you might encounter. Not only are these systems fast and efficient but they are also a cost effective and green technology that is good for the environment.

Noritz water heaters:

  • Can save you up to 40% on your water heating bill
  • Have a significantly lower carbon footprint
  • Qualify for an Energy Star rating
  • Last twice as long as tank water heaters

Contact Diversified Energy today to ask question about Noritz products. As a leader in tankless hot water heaters, Noritz has worked hard to earn its top reputation for being a leader in the water heating industry. If you are interested in Noritz products or installations, Diversified Energy can answer your questions and help you with any installation or maintenance services that you may need. Find your local Diversified Energy service center or call us at (828)-266-9800 to ask any questions that you may have about Noritz products.