KyungDong Navien, or KD Navien, is an energy efficient water heater and boiler manufacturer founded in 1978 and based out of South Korea. It took the company only ten years to become the first Asian company to develop and produce an environmentally-friendly, high efficiency condensing boiler.

Since its founding, the company has become a leader in the water heating industry and now produces the world’s most efficient, low cost, and CO2 reducing water heaters. They expanded to release many products with a focus on greener living, including energy efficient propane water heaters, gas water heaters, and even home network systems for customers.


Water Heaters and More

After becoming a success in South Korea, KD Navien started exporting products all over the world, and in 2006 the company opened doors in America, setting out to provide an efficient, low-cost, environmentally friendly home comfort system for its other regional markets. Now they have become among the fastest growing companies in its sector. Their condensing tankless water heaters, boilers, and combi-boilers feature the best available technology, combined with quality and efficiency.

Through dedication to design and engineering, Navien has received international recognition. Backing from the parent company, KD Navien, will continue to propel the company in the world of water heating technology worldwide. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products that are beneficial to both the environment and customer. The business accomplishes its mission through persistence in research and by implementing the newest water heater technologies available for tankless water heaters.

Company Values

Navien values the environment as much as they value the happiness of their customers. The company has found a way to effectively combine environmentalism with energy savings. Their vision is to create a world-class green company as well as a comfortable living environment for all of their customers.

Navien has transformed into a global green corporation by continuing to improve the creative process, its products, and personnel education. The company’s affiliates have followed suit and are dedicated to educating dealers in order to bring the most environmentally sound, low cost propane and gas water heaters to every customer with industry leading efficiency.

Navien Products

Featured products include stainless steel water heaters which recover heat that normally escapes traditional gas water heaters or propane water heaters. Every tankless water heater produced has low exhaust temperatures, which means a PVC schedule 40 can be used in almost all applications for venting. This PVC decreases installation costs, saving customers money and increasing tankless water heater efficiency.

Compared to traditional water heaters, their condensing tankless water heaters provide higher savings during operation than their traditional tank counterparts. Also, most traditional water heaters emit high amounts of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but Navien has learned to control these emissions in its latest models. In safety, customer satisfaction, and environmental improvement, Navien is a world leader.

For Products and Services

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