With over 50 years of experience, Majestic has perfected their natural gas and propane fireplaces and now offers a range of durable, beautiful and stylish options for any home. Their natural gas and propane products are engineered for the utmost in performance and quality, with rigid testing methods in place to guarantee that each and every product is safe and efficient.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an inefficient masonry fireplace or want to install a new fireplace with a propane heating supply, you’ll find exactly what you need among Majestic’s vast line of residential hearth products.

Products and Accessories

Majestic is an innovative producer of natural and propane gas powered fireplaces, inserts, gas logs and stoves which are equipped with some of the latest remote controls and fuel efficiency features currently available.

  • A wide range of hearth products and styles for every homeowner

    Since its founding, Majestic has developed an extensive line of hearth products with an impressive range of different designs to suit every homeowner’s particular style.

    You can choose from gas, wood, and electric fireplaces which can be matched with any of Majestic’s numerous exquisitely designed gas log sets.

    Majestic also provides you with a range of contemporary options for outdoor fireplaces. Each fireplace can be customized with several accessories such as wood mantels and surrounds, mantel shelves, and personalized stone sets.

    More than just aesthetics

    If you have an interest in environmentally friendly heating products, you can’t go wrong with any of the fireplaces produced by Majestic.

    Beyond the impressive aesthetics, you’ll find some of the most efficient propane products currently available at Majestic, with environmental consciousness at the foundation of their engineering process.

    Majestic makes it a point to integrate “green thinking” into all of their product designs. The result is that homeowners get to enjoy unrivaled heating efficiency.

    Their direct vent natural gas and propane fireplaces are sealed in order to remove 100% of exhaust fumes and gases from the home and also conserve the maximum amount of energy possible. Smart features like the IntelliFire intermittent pilot ignition save up to $10 per month in energy costs.

    Innovative touch-based remote controls

    You’ll find some of the most advanced remote control systems at Majestic which make operating and maintaining your propane fireplace easier than ever before.

    IntelliFire Touch is an intuitive and easy to operate touchscreen remote control system/wall switch. The fire can be turned on with the push of a switch, and a timer can be set with the remote as well as a thermostat.

    This incredible remote has many other features to make operating the fireplace safe, and it is only available on Majestic fireplace models.

    The exclusive Signature command system ensures minimal energy use

    Majestic also offers its exclusive Signature command system for its propane fireplaces. This system includes a Smart Mode thermostat which adjusts the flame height based on the desired temperature and ensures that the fireplace uses the minimal amount of energy.

    A full selection of propane products for your needs

    These are just a few of the exciting and innovative features that Majestic offers its natural gas and propane products.

    Their full product selection is vast and includes stylish and technologically advanced models that may be the perfect choice for your next propane fireplace or other home heating solution.

    Contact your local Diversified Energy service center to learn more about Majestic products or to arrange regular propane delivery to your home today!