Lennox – A World Leader in Heating and Cooling Systems

From gas and electric residential heating and cooling systems, to commercial rooftop and split system HVAC units, Lennox provides a wide range of products to meet your unique heating and cooling needs.

Diversified Energy, a national and regional leader in commercial and residential propane products and services, is proud to offer installations and heating services for their products. Together, Lennox and Diversified Energy can bring the highest level of comfort and efficiency to your home or business all year long.

From air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces, to self-contained outdoor units, Lennox offers several residential propane or natural gas and electric products that will keep your home in its comfort zone during cold winter or hot summer months. All of these products have high efficiency ratings and many are ENERGY STAR qualified, which may make you eligible for federal tax credits.

Innovative commercial products include gas/electric or electric/electric configurations for rooftops, air conditioner/heat pump split systems and several gas furnaces to supply the best in cooling and heating services for large or small businesses.

A Long Line of Cooling and Heating Services and Products

Quiet and efficient residential propane, natural gas or electric heating products head the list of what Lennox has to offer.

For your home, Lennox can provide you with variable-capacity, variable speed, or two- or single-stage gas furnaces to deliver heat where you want it, when you want it. Pair your unit with a heat pump and alternate between electricity and gas for the highest in energy efficiency. Or, you can choose a packaged gas/electric unit to give you gas heating or electric cooling when you need it. The outdoor units are quiet, efficient and contain a guard that keeps the elements out. Lennox also offers a gas-fired boiler that works with natural gas or propane with a very high efficiency rating.

Garages are often poorly insulated for the the winter, and you can combat that problem with a natural gas or residential propane garage heater. For a ductless system providing warm or cool air to specific rooms, you might go with a mini-split heat pump/air conditioner system. Homeowners will also love the high-quality air purification, ventilation and humidity control units.

Commercial technology has not been forgotten for your office building, manufacturing plant, or warehouse, Lennox offers:

  • Gas or electric rooftop HVAC units
  • Solar ready rooftop units
  • 3 to 5-ton A/C and heat pump split systems
  • Commercial gas furnaces with capacities ranging from 44,000 to 132,000 BTUh
  • Ducted and non-ducted indoor or single- and multi-zone outdoor mini-split systems

Whether you want to feel the heat or keep your cool, Lennox has the cooling and heating services you need to keep your home or business comfortable. If have any questions at all about our commercial or residential propane delivery services or product installations, then do not hesitate to contact Diversified Energy at (828) 266-9800 or look up your local Service Center.