Iron Strike Propane Heating

Iron Strike Propane Heating is a leading producer of wood, gas and pellet stoves with a focus on energy efficiency, quality, and dependable heating. Iron Strike offers a range of stylish stoves and fireplace inserts made with modern technology, making them some of the most energy efficient stoves and inserts on the market.

Iron Strike Products

Iron Strike has earned a reputation for producing an excellent line of stoves and inserts for fireplaces that are built with quality, durability, style and efficiency. Their gas stoves utilize propane heating or natural gas, and propane is widely proven to be more efficient and economical than electric or wood heat. Their heating products are designed to be easy to operate and convenient.

The Epic gas stove by Iron Strike

The Epic gas stove is one of Iron Strike’s two leading models. Utilizing propane heating, the Epic offers convenient and easy heating with a wide range of customization options. With a sleek sophisticated black design, it fits well into many different home settings. Utilizing the latest burn technology, heat is efficient produced from this stove. The very large bay window offers a perfect view of the fire and is one of its most attention grabbing features. The Epic offers a large 402 sq. in. bay window, easy to operate control panel, a durable 500 sq. in. heat exchanger for dependable heating, and a heavy duty steel construction for quality and longevity.

The Serafine gas stove by Iron Strike

The Serafine propane gas stove offers a more classic look and is constructed from sturdy cast iron. Featuring realistic logs, the fire on the Serafine looks exactly like a wood stove without the harmful pollutants and extra dangers of wood fires have. Utilizing energy efficient propane heating, the Serafine is the perfect gas stove to heat any room. It’s certainly built to last with its Old World-style cast iron construction, and it is available in five different colors to match the décor of a room. Like the Epic stove, the Serafine is easy to operate, and it can be equipped with an optional blower kit to heat larger spaces and designed with custom features.

Iron Strike gas inserts

Iron Strike also offers a wide range of gas inserts for fireplaces that feature contemporary designs and can immediately make a room much more sophisticated and elegant. These inserts are a great way to convert existing wood fireplaces into propane gas fireplaces, improving their energy efficiency, ease of operation and safety. The Madison Park series is the main line of gas inserts for fireplaces that Iron Strike offers, and they range in size from 27 inches to 34 inches. Remote controlled and capable of being customized with accent lighting and other features, the Madison Park gas insert series from Iron Strike is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade outdated and difficult to manage wood fireplaces.

Diversified Energy can answer your questions about Iron Strike

As a leading propane retailer, Diversified Energy has extensive experience with Iron Strike product installations. We can also assist you with propane delivery for your Iron Strike or other gas fireplace if you require it, and we can answer any questions that you may have about their product line or propane heating. If you need help with an installation or if you are interested in Iron Strike products for fireplaces, find your local Diversified Energy service center or give us a call today at (828) 266-9800.