Green Mountain Grill

Not Your Same-Old Grill

If you’re looking for an alternative to ordinary gas grills and propane grills, then look no further. Green Mountain Grill has a unique line of products distributed by Diversified Energy.

Green Mountain Grill proudly proclaims to be the future of grilling. Its pellet grills are neither gas grills nor propane grills but wood pellet grills. Using the best technology in wood pellet grilling, Green Mountain Grill pellets retain flavor molecules that other pellets don’t. When you cook over a Green Mountain Grill, you’re getting the tastiest grilled food you’ve ever had.

With 5-star customer service, quality grills, assorted accessories and reasonable prices, Green Mountain Grill has what it takes to make your grilling experience like no other.

Find out what sets this company apart from its competitors and then make a space in your yard for a new grill. A Green Mountain Grill.

Green Mountain Grill Products

Say goodbye to gas grills and propane grills!

There’s nothing wrong with gas grills or propane grills. It’s what you’ve likely been brought up on. But if you’re ready to think outside the box, then consider the line of grills available from Green Mountain Grill.

Choose from three distinct models: Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone, or Davy Crockett. As you’ll soon see, there’s a reason these grills are named after famous American pioneers!

Let’s start with the Davy Crocket. It’s a basic stainless steel model that will do all that you need a grill to do…and more. It’s got Wi-Fi technology that allows you to use your smart phone to control your grill! You can not only monitor food temperature from your phone, you can also program and save custom cooking instructions. A free app makes your grill a smart grill! There’s also a peaked lid for larger items such as rib backs and an open flame grease tray. What’s more, it’s portable. Going hunting, fishing, camping or even tailgating? Bring Davy Crockett along and enjoy the same delicious grilled food you can at home.

The Jim Bowie and the Daniel Boone offer black and stainless models, with or without Wi-Fi. Both have the same convenient peaked lid. Other features of these two models include:

• Thermal sensor which constantly monitors temperature and has a Turbo mode to get things really heated up on cold days
• Positive pressure hopper fan — no burn-back on these grills!
• A “fan only” option that allows you to blow ash out of the firebox when you’re done grilling
• Meat probe

Accessorize with a rib rack, griddle, smoke shelf, or grill cover. And, Green Mountain Grill doesn’t let the flavor end just with their wood pellet technology. It also offers a line of dry rub spices and sauces!

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Got questions about these Green Mountain Grill products? If so, or if you have any questions regarding gas propane delivery or hooking up your grill directly to your gas system, contact Diversified Energy contact local Diversified Energy Service Center.