Broilmaster Grills

Propane Grills from Broilmaster

What’s the summer season without a few barbecues? And what’s a barbecue without a Broilmaster grill?

Diversified Energy offers propane grills from Broilmaster: a top name in the grilling business. There’s a wide selection of gas grills, grill packages, and features to choose from. As a manufacturer of gas grills for the past 50 years, Broilmaster has worked hard to design the kinds of grills that will fit your barbecue needs.

In North Carolina, grilling season can start before spring hits and end as the fall ends. That’s a lot of time you can spend cooking outdoors! And if you’re going to be grilling for eight or nine months of the year, you’re going to want a Broilmaster grill that you can count on. When you want grilling performance that you can rely on year after year, look no further than a Broilmaster. Find out how Broilmaster can help you cook up your best season ever!


Broilmaster Gas Grills – Hot Products to Choose From

Whether you’re grilling, warming or even baking, a Broilmaster Super Premium or Premium series grill is your answer. When you go Super Premium, you’ll get a grill that contains three levels of cooking space that’s fully adjustable, patented Bowtie Burners that ensure your food will be cooked evenly, every time, and a large cooking area so you can cook for the whole family, extended family and even the neighbors.

In the Premium Series, you can choose from P3 or P4 models that allow you to select two- or three-level cooking grids and your choice of Charmaster Briquettes or Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers that not only protect the burners but assures an even distribution of heat.

The H-Series line of gas grills has, as the name indicates, an H-style burner and can be mounted on a stand, in-ground post or patio post. All choices include a side shelf. Cook with high quality Charmaster Briquettes.

Features you’ll find on all of these Broilmaster propane grills include:

  • Built-in analog heat indicator
  • Dual-control knobs
  • Push-button electronic igniter

Cooking grids, castings, burners, warming racks and griddles all come with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking to cook like your favorite restaurant, then you might consider infrared grilling. Infrared grilling is a great way to get juicy results and Broilmaster’s R Series Grill provides this technology. V-channel cooking grids help to seal the flavor into your food by converting juices that drip beneath into a steam that is cooked right back into whatever you’re grilling. Choose from two independent infrared burners or one infrared burner and one blue flame burner.

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If you have any questions regarding Broilmaster products, propane gas delivery, or hooking up your grill directly to your gas system, you can contact Diversified Energy or get contact information for your local Diversified Energy Service Center.