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Learn more about the companies and brands we partner with our efforts to provide you with the highest quality propane products and services. Contact one of our Service Centers to learn about the Brands and Products that suit your needs.

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Astria Fireplaces and Products

A leading producer of gas and traditional wood fireplaces with a focus on design flexibility, energy efficiency and aesthetics, Astria offers customers multiple customizations for each home heating product and several innovative models, along with a large selection of vent-free fireplaces.

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Bradford White Water Heaters and Products

Bradford White is one of the largest American water heater product manufacturers with a history that dates back to 1881. The company produces both commercial and residential water heaters that are equipped with modern features like scale reduction technology, energy efficiency features and more. Bradford White heating products are exclusively available through professional installers like Diversified Energy.

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Hearthstone Fireplaces

Hearthstone specializes in producing some of the most efficient and high-quality wood, gas, and pellet stoves in the world along with a small selection of wood and gas fireplaces. Hearthstone’s home heating products have been manufactured for over 35 years and are durable, EPA certified and clean burning.

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Kozy Heat Fireplaces and Products

With a focus on producing high-quality propane gas hearth products, Kozy Heat has manufactured some of the most efficient and intricate fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves available anywhere since 1976.

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Majestic Fireplaces and Products

For a top-of-the-line highly efficient gas-powered home heating solution, Majestic fireplaces are always worth your consideration. Their gas fireplaces are equipped with state of the art features that make them amazingly efficient and easy to operate.

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Monessen Hearth Fireplaces and Products

Purchase a Monessen hearth fireplace, you can trust that it will brighten up any room along with warming it efficiently. With a quick view of their current product line, you can see that their designs are very sleek and modern and can fit nicely with just about any interior layout.

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Napoleon Fireplaces and Products

Napoleon sells a vast selection of gas, wood and electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts, gas, wood and pellet stoves, outdoor fireplaces and other related products like mantels and shelves and log sets.

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Navien Water Heaters and Products

Navien has become a rapidly growing manufacturer of tankless water heaters in North American since 2006 with their recent products offering state of the art technology and superior efficiency. Navien’s parent company, KD Navien has over 35 years of experience with producing boiler and water heating technology, and their high quality, reliable and durable residential products reflect this.

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Regency Fireplaces and Products

Regency is based out of Vancouver, Canada and offers a wide range of cost-efficient gas and wood fireplaces, stoves, and inserts with beautiful and contemporary designs.

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Rinnai Water Heaters and Products

Rinnai is a multi-national industry-leading producer of water and home heating products and headquartered in Japan. Rinnai established its U.S. and Canadian operation in 1974 and is the leading tankless water heating brand in North America. Rinnai products are designed for efficiency, safety, durability, and comfort and feature innovative technology and unparalleled quality.

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