Propane Gas Residential Lighting

Say thanks to propane gas. It cooks your burgers on the grill during the summer months, it heats water up so you can take a hot shower, it generates the warmth needed to tumble dry your clothes in the dryer, it even fires up your pool heater so you can enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot day.

But did you know it can also supply warm lighting to your outdoor spaces?

Gas-powered lanterns, landscape lighting, walkway lighting and pool area lighting add a warm soft glow to your garden, patio, front porch or deck. You can also replace your electric porch lights with these beautiful lantern-style fixtures.

Outdoor Gas Lighting

Let Propane Light the Way

Along with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, water heaters, pool heaters, grills, fireplace inserts and ovens, outdoor lighting is just another way propane gas can serve your life for the better.

If you’re doing any home remodeling and looking for the most efficient ways to upgrade your appliances or other fixtures, consider all you can do with propane gas.

Propane is a clean, abundant, affordable source of energy. It’s easy to store, can be stored indefinitely, and is readily available. Why not use it as much as possible?

Read on and get enlightened!

Dressing Up Your Outdoors with Propane Gas Residential Lighting

Complete your beautiful landscaping and outdoor party areas with the kind of lighting propane gas can supply.

Imagine the flickering warm glow of propane gas lighting during an outdoor barbecue, pool party or family gathering. It adds a nice touch when you’re looking to create an inviting atmosphere to your yard.

Propane gas residential lighting is elegant, practical and mood-enhancing. Whether you’re partying or just relaxing, gas lighting provides the illumination and warmth you’ll love.

Lantern-style gas propane lighting fixtures add a mix of the contemporary and classic to any home. They can be mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings or set up on poles–whatever works best for the spaces you intend to decorate.

Besides their obvious aesthetics, lights powered by propane gas are also more cost-effective than electrical fixtures. You can save money on your energy bill by using propane gas rather than electric for your outdoor lighting. When you add in propane for your heating and cooking uses, you can save as much as 50% or more on your utility bill, according to Energy.Gov.

What’s more, you won’t get caught in the dark during a power outage with propane gas lighting. You can safely walk outside if need be when your walkways and patios are sufficiently lighted by gas that will continue to do its job when the electricity’s out.

Propane gas lighting will give you the look you desire and is just another great idea you can use to make propane your go-to energy source for your home.

Let Diversified Energy Shed More Light on Propane Gas Lighting

Ready to add this unique look to your outdoor spaces?

If you live in North Carolina or Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, all you need to do is call Diversified Energy. We provide a line of propane gas lighting fixtures from Legendary Lighting and are ready to install the lines and fixtures as well as provide the gas you need to power them.

Diversified Energy provides service above and underground. This includes storage tank installation, automatic home delivery schedules and leak testing. We work on both remodeling projects as well as new construction. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and are one of the largest propane gas suppliers on the East Coast.

Call 828-266-9800 to ask questions, schedule propane services or make an appointment to meet with a sales representative. Or visit one of nine NC locations or our Mount Joy, PA, showroom to see these lighting products and discuss all your propane needs.

Propane gas residential lighting: it’s yet another bright idea you can consider when it comes to powering your home with this reliable energy source.

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