Outdoor Kitchens With Propane

You have probably heard the expression ‘the kitchen is the heart of your home’, but did you know it could ALSO be the heart of your outdoors?

When it comes to entertaining and just being outside in the warm summer months, enjoying your deck or patio as the family gathers for dinner, you simply can’t beat a propane outdoor kitchen. You’ll soon find out that such a kitchen will become the focal point of your home when the weather outside is nice.

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Putting Your Kitchen on Your Deck

Many Americans agree: a 2016 fourth-quarter Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects showed a marked increase in the demand for outdoor kitchens; in fact, outdoor kitchens topped the list when it came to products and features for the kitchen.

And this doesn’t look like a trend that is going to reverse any time soon. With the added benefit of adding value to your home, an outdoor kitchen is just going to keep growing in popularity.

Forget the simple grill; an outdoor kitchen arms you not only with a grill but burners, storage, outdoor refrigerator (if desired), drawers and cabinets with an island or countertop–it’s like putting the best features of your indoor kitchen outside your home. Convenient and classy.

For looks alone, an outdoor kitchen can really separate you from the pack: a beautiful stainless steel outdoor grill built-in to stone or brick or stucco can add elegance and practicality to your backyard. Who doesn’t want to add beauty to their home?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen and, of course, the benefits of using propane to power it.

Outdoor Kitchens with Propane–The Only Way to Cook

So what’s the attraction of outdoor kitchens?

For one, who wants to be stuck indoors on a beautiful spring or summer night? And who wants to cook inside and then carry everything outside? An outdoor kitchen puts you right where you want to be, with everything you need to prepare dinner without having to be indoors.

If you’ve added a propane refrigerator, better–not only will you keep drinks and salads cold, you can have all of the condiments and any cooking needs that need to be refrigerated right at your fingertips.

If you’re having a large party, it’s likely you can fit more outside than inside–so an outdoor kitchen is just perfect when you have many guests over for dinner. What’s more, you won’t have to crank the air conditioner to keep the house cooler with all those warm bodies. Save money, have a great time, provide comfort to your guests. Win-win-win!

And if you’re not using propane for your inside appliances…well, what’s better than a burger or steak grilled on a propane grill? Bet you can smell and taste it now! It’s so convenient to just fire up a propane gas grill with the turn of a knob and press of an igniter button.

Why propane when it comes to your outdoor kitchen? We’ll start with affordability, affordability, and affordability. Propane gas is simply cheaper than natural gas. It’s also cleaner and safer. All great reasons for making propane your #1 choice when it comes to your outdoor–and your indoor–kitchen appliances.

Meeting Your Propane Needs

When it comes time to put together your outdoor kitchen, let Diversified Energy help!

If you live in North Carolina or Pennsylvania, make Diversified Energy YOUR propane delivery and service company. Diversified brings nearly 20 years of friendly and attentive service to homeowners with propane gas needs.

Not only will Diversified Energy bring the propane whenever you need it (we offer a convenient automatic home delivery service so you never have to worry about running too low or completely out), we can also install the lines you need to run to your outdoor kitchen appliances.

What’s more, we provide above- or underground tank storage installation, with units that can store up to 1,000 gallons. Chances are the 120-, 250-, 300- or even 500-gallon tank will do you fine, but it’s always good to know you have options!

Repairs. Propane delivery. Installations. Diversified Energy is the company you can count on when you make propane a part of your everyday life, whether you’re using it for indoor or outdoor kitchens, heating, fireplaces, powering your water heater or generator, or even heating your pool.

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When it comes to your outdoor kitchen, Diversified Energy will make sure you’re cooking with gas…propane gas, that is.