Regency Outdoor Accessories

Let an Outdoor Propane Fireplace Extend Your Time Outdoors

Ah, the outdoors! You’ve spent your summer months lounging, barbecuing, relaxing and partying on your deck or patio. But as the days grow cooler and the nights longer, it’s time to pack up that part of our lives for a while. Or is it?

Who says the end of summer has to be the end of outdoor living?

Regency certainly doesn’t think so! This leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts offers several outdoor accessories made for you to continue enjoying your outdoors into the fall and even winter months.

Founded in 1979, Regency has been bringing quality and durable products to the public for nearly 40 years. This is a name you can trust when it comes to outdoor fireplaces and other hearth items.

Explore Regency outdoor fireplaces, firetables, and outdoor gas burners and serve notice to fall and winter that these seasons are NOT going to be chasing you indoors!

Regency Outdoor Fireplaces and Accessories

Let’s start with the outdoor fireplaces.

You can choose from two models: the Horizon HZO42 or the HZO60. Continuing the tradition of their indoor Horizon series, these fireplaces are sleek, contemporary, stainless-steel framed beauties that complement any outdoor decor.

The HZO42 is a 42-inch outdoor propane fireplace featuring a tempered glass windshield, pre-cut and -measured framing kit and a seasonal weather cover. If you want bigger, the HZO60 gives you 60 inches of realistic flames that are reflected beautifully in stainless steel panels, single or see-through design options and stainless steel burner.

If for any reason an outdoor propane fireplace is not for you, that’s okay…Regency still has something for you.

Maybe a 48-inch wide firetable might be up your alley. The Regency Plateau Coffee Table features a stainless steel top and glass surround. Gather ’round and have some drinks, a midnight snack or just warm your bones and your heart around this attractive outdoor piece. And when you don’t need the flames, this is a practical table complete with a dining leaf. A two-in-one product you simply can’t beat!

Finally, Regency offers the Plateau PT030 or PT050 outdoor gas burners. Create a custom outdoor propane fireplace with these unique designs. House them in a masonry structure or even right into your patio floor–it’s up to you! Packaged framing kits, stainless steel burners, and electronic ignition.

Find Regency Outdoor Fireplaces at Diversified Energy

Regency products are now distributed and installed by Diversified Energy, a leading propane supply company on the East coast.
If you’re a resident of North Carolina, you can choose to visit one of eight showroom/offices where you can see these outdoor fireplaces on display. (Those living in or near Mount Joy, PA, can visit the local Diversified Energy office there). Get a demonstration and ask any questions you might have about these outdoor accessories.

Discuss all of your propane needs as well. Diversified Energy offers a wide range of products and services, from automatic home delivery systems to other propane products such as grills, stoves, pool and water heaters. Both residential and commercial services provided.

Call 800-719-1104 and set up a time to visit a showroom or ask questions over the phone. Diversified Energy is always happy to help and enjoys the opportunity to be your propane supplier.