Twin Eagles Grills

Twin Eagles Grilling to Perfection

If you spend a lot of time grilling, then you’re going to want a grill that’s made to last, and that gives you the high-quality performance you expect. Twin Eagles offers premium built-in charcoal and propane grills that are sleek, stylish, and advanced.

From its proprietary grilling system, to its stainless steel construction, Twin Eagles grills have what it takes to be the grill you will own for many years to come.

What better company than a propane supply company to be a major distributor of these grills? Diversified Energy, a leading propane supplier found in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, possesses the knowledge and skills to answer your questions, and install your Twin Eagles grill and any required propane supply lines and other accessories.

Let’s get some details on Twin Eagles grills, which would complete any backyard grilling haven.

Smooth, Sleek Grilling Machines

When it comes to grilling, Twin Eagles knows its stuff.

This manufacturer offers 30-, 36-, 42- and 54-inch stainless steel propane grills that are of the highest quality steel construction, and come complete with grill hoods with extension springs for easy opening and closing. You will also benefit from simple ignition, precise control knob settings, and stainless steel hexagonal grates for greater heat contact.

Also included is a sealed smoker box, so you can add flavoring, or woodchips, for that unique smoked flavor you enjoy! Use the handy zone dividers to regulate temperatures specific to the different foods you’re cooking, so everything comes out just the way you want it: perfect.

Having a night barbecue? No problem; Twin Eagles grills come with hood-activated lighting, so you can easily see what you’re grilling and make sure nothing is getting over-cooked.

But what makes this propane supply grill really unique? The 5-part grilling system:

  • Drafting: makes for a more efficient cooking surface and flame
  • Direct heat: more intense heat needed for proper grilling through the use of ceramic briquettes
  • Radiant heat: for heat distribution and quicker pre-heating
  • Zone grilling: control temperatures in different zones so you can cook different foods at the same time
  • Hexagonal grates: even cooking and more heat retention

The 30-inch built-in charcoal grill is also a high-quality unit, with temperature gauge, adjustable charcoal tray, and warming rack.

Visit a Diversified Energy Showroom

Twin Eagles and other grills are on display at one of several Diversified Energy showrooms, so you can stop by and get a better idea of what these products offer. Our highly knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions you might have about these propane grills.

We’re also ready to answer any other questions about our propane supply services: hot water heaters, fireplaces, woodstoves, pool heaters and more, as well as storage tank sales, installation, and even an automatic delivery schedule.

Locate a showroom, or contact us to talk about your propane gas needs. And get ready to wow your backyard with a built-in Twin Eagles propane grill that will host many barbecues to come.