Phoenix Grills

Phoenix Grills: A High-Quality Grilling Experience

Do you love grilling so much that you’ve worn out your old model? If you have your sights set on a durable, stainless steel propane grill, then look no further than Phoenix Grills.

Any Phoenix Grill model is a worthy addition to your backyard. These sleek, good-looking propane grills offer cast aluminum and stainless steel components that are designed for long life, which means you can fill up your schedule with as many barbecues as you want–all year long!

Phoenix Grills are manufactured to withstand all types of weather, so if you’re a grilling enthusiast who endures cold, and rain, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you to serve up the grilled food you and your family loves, then these grills are for you!

Read on to get more details, and find out why you should make your next propane supply grill a Phoenix grill!

Grills Made Right

When you shop Phoenix Grills, you’ll find six models to choose from: three fabricated and three cast aluminum end cap models.
Features on all models include:

  • Heavy duty, cast aluminum drip pan
  • Stainless steel mesh cooking grid
  • Vents with damper slide
  • Patented H-style stainless steel burners
  • Electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel handle and side shelves
  • Exclusive GLASLOW fuel indicator

This means that Phoenix grills are easy to use and maintain, and provide the type of grilling experience you desire, whether you’re hosting a holiday, weekend barbecue, or are gathering the family for an impromptu grilled meal.

Upgrade whatever model you choose with a SearMagic cooking grid, with ribbed or smooth sides, for a fast-heating option that gives you that seared look and taste everyone loves. It contains an infrared side cooker for quick side dishes, or to heat up vegetables or sauce; or it can be used as a warming rack that allows for an elevated cooking surface, perfect for corn on the cob, hot dogs, or any item that requires lower grilling temperatures.

Phoenix Grills is all about the versatility, durability, performance, and functionality that appeal to even the most casual of backyard grillers.

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