Napoleon Grills

It’s no secret that people all over the world love fire, whether for heat or cooking. Not only does it provide a way to make delicious food with full-bodied and robust flavors, but it is also a cherished way of having fun and bringing people together. But when it comes time to shop for grills, how do you know which ones you should buy and if you are getting the best choices available to you?

With Napoleon grills, you will find a range of options to fit all of your needs, as they offer a wide variety of both gas and charcoal grills with many different sizes, features, and grilling capacities.

At Diversified Energy, we offer professional propane services for all Napoleon gas products including:

Napoleon Grill Products

No matter what your budget or preferences are, there is sure to be a Napoleon grill to suit your needs. With a forward-thinking design as well as a careful attention to streamlined beauty, each and every grill is made with the aim of giving the customer all that they want with the best grilling experience possible. Only offering top of the line products, here are some features available on many top Napoleon grills:

    • Roll top lids for easier grill access built to retain heat
    • Integrated Wood Chip smoker trays
    • Interior lights and light-up control knobs for nighttime use
    • Jet-fire ignition systems for easy grill start-up
    • Side range burners
    • Special models are available for built-in kitchen grills

Napoleon is also proud to offer its customers a range of grilling accessories such as grilling utensils, maintenance products, rotisserie kits, and covers as well as patio-flame tables, heaters, and outdoor fireplaces.

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