Holland Grills

Holland Grills: The Right Grill for Your Needs

Attention grillers: Holland Grills has what you need to be the best outdoor chef in your neighborhood!

With these propane grills, you get a no flare-up guarantee, quality made-in-the-USA construction, and the outdoor grilled taste you seek–every time. And with its unique smokestacks, Holland grills are able to pull in and circulate air to create the constant temperature you need, no matter what you have on the grids. You get juicy perfection every time you grill, without having to fiddle with any temperature controls.

For nearly 30 years, Holland Grills has been providing propane supply grills for everything from backyard barbecues, to tailgating parties. Find out why Holland Grills has remained a top name in the grill manufacturing field, and why you can benefit from owning one of these fine models.

A Fine Name in Propane Grills

With names like The Apex, The Epic, Pinnacle, and The Maverick, you just know you’re getting a quality grill from Holland Grills.
Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy features such as:

  • Movable smoking trays
  • Cast-iron burners
  • Aluminum drip pan
  • Slow cook/streaming options
  • Woodchip drawer

The sizzle tray captures drippings from the food and sends the flavor right back into the food, which means you get a taste that Holland Grills is proud to supply. A deflector plate allows for even distribution of heat, so you get perfect burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chicken, or any other of your favorite foods.

Holland Grills are all about hassle-free propane grills. Stainless steel cooking grids and cast-iron burners are made to last a lifetime–rust-resistant parts that you don’t have to replace or worry about. There are no flare-ups on a Holland grill, so you don’t have to worry about burnt food that needs to be thrown out. And no temperature settings to monitor–just close the lid and let the food cook the way it’s supposed to.

Hassles? You won’t find them here.

Get More Holland Grills Info from Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy, a leading propane supply company with offices and showrooms throughout North Carolina, as well as one in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, is a distributor of many propane grills, including Holland Grills. You can stop by your local showroom, take a look and ask questions about any of these models.

You can also discuss other propane supply needs and uses. Propane, for instance, is a clean and affordable alternative to heating your water, powering your gas fireplace, and even heating your pool! We are happy to discuss these, and other, options and are proud to offer above- and underground storage tank delivery and installation, as well as an automatic home delivery system.

Learn more about Holland Grills by locating a store near you and discover how propane can be a viable energy source in your life.