Cajun Fryer

The Next Step in Propane Grills

It is estimated that about 75% of U.S. homes possess propane grills. So, the chances are pretty good that you already have a propane grill to handle the burgers and hotdogs…but now you can expand your backyard cuisine with a Cajun Fryer!

Fried fish. French fries. Hush puppies. Deep-fried turkey. Take grilling to a whole new level with one of the several fryer models available from R & V Works.

Diversified Energy, a propane supply company with offices and showrooms in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, is a proud distributor of these unique Cajun Fryers.

Let’s take a quick look at what you get when you make the right choice and add one of these fryers to your deck or patio.

Cajun Fryers: A Great Addition to Your Propane Grills

From single-basket to 2.5-gallon, to 6-basket, to even 17-gallon giants, you can select the Cajun fryer that best meets your cooking needs. You can feed between 70 and 150 people PER HOUR based on the model you choose. That sure is a lot of satisfied picnic-goers! You can even order a custom-sized fryer–how’s that for service?

Divided fryers allow you to fry up both fish and French fries at the same time. Or, hush puppies and fries, side by side, to satisfy the entire crowd! Wire mesh baskets allow for even distribution, so you get perfect fried foods every time.

Each fryer comes with a built-in thermometer to monitor oil temperatures, and a flue system wherein the excess batter/breading simply falls to the bottom of the unit, rather than lying directly in the oil where they can burn and have an adverse effect on your food. Baskets also have safe, plastic-coated handles that don’t conduct heat, so your hands stay safe!

And these Cajun fryers are made to last! Carbon steel, nickel-plated, “dip and flip” baskets and tough rubber wheels mean your fryer can withstand a lot, so you and your fryer can enjoy plenty of barbecues together!

Available accessories include fryer covers, patio mats and skimmers.

Visit Diversified Energy and Take a Look at Your Cajun Fryer

Cajun fryers, along with other grills, are on display at our various showrooms, so stop in at the Diversified Energy office nearest you and say hello to your next propane supply cooking unit. We can show you the various models and accessories offered by R&V Works.

We’ll also discuss all of your propane supply needs: propane grills, water heaters, woodstoves, pool heaters, and more. And don’t forget to ask about our storage tanks and automatic delivery service!

Contact us to ask more about the Cajun Fryer. We’re sure you’ll love what this high-quality product has to offer. Look, you have some room next to your grill there. Perfect spot for a fryer. Bet you’re already thinking about some fried fish and hush puppies for dinner…