Propane Grills

A Great American Tradition

With three-quarters of Americans owning a grill, you can’t deny the popularity of this pastime. You could almost add propane gas grills to baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie as American staples of life. Click on the brand names below to read more about the grilling products to choose from.

Grills are not found only in private backyards; they’re also available at public pools and parks. From grilling burgers on summer holidays to preparing whole racks of ribs for weekend parties, propane grills simply make outdoor living better!

Being a propane gas supply company, Diversified Energy is not only ready to provide the gas you need to power your outdoor grills, they are also dealers for many top brand names!

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Let’s take a look at the many grills you can choose from. We’ll help you find the model that BEST fits your needs. Then come by a Diversified Energy showroom and check out the many grills for yourself!


With over 50 years in the grilling business, you can count on Broilmaster for a high-quality propane gas grill. They offer five models in two series: Premium and Deluxe to meet all of your grilling requirements.

The three Premium models range in size from 473 square inches to 695 square inches of cooking area; all are heavy-duty cast aluminum and offer 2-piece stainless steel rod cooking grids. Multi-level cooking is available on two of these models and you can also choose an optional smoke shutter system for indirect grilling and smoking. The two larger models offer a tall lid for smoking turkey or roast. The two Deluxe models offer stainless steel H-style burners. All mount on carts or posts.

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Cajun Fryer

R & V Works manufactures 12 different fryers, from 2.5-gallons single-basket to 17-gallon, 6-basket models that can fry up plenty of fish and fries! Use on a stand or tabletop. “Dip and flip” nickel-plated baskets with plastic, stay-cool handles. Easy maintenance on all models.

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An easily recognizable name in the grilling industry, Char-Broil offers a wide range of propane gas supply grills to meet your grilling needs.
They offer from 2-, 3- and 4-burner models; most have an infrared cooking capability to provide even heat and avoid flare-ups. The new SmartChef has WiFi that allows you to control your grill from your smart device! Innovation at its best! Char-Broil also manufacturers portable grills, charcoal grills, roasters , and smokers.

Green Mountain Grills

Want that traditional wood smoke-flavor in your grilled food? You can with a Green Mountain Pellet Grill. Green Mountain offers the Daniel Boone (for smaller crowds) or Jim Bowie (cook for the whole neighborhood!) in standard or smart control models. All-black or black-and-stainless designs. There’s also a Davy Crockett portable model for camping and tailgating!
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Phoenix Grills

Phoenix Grills offers six grills to choose from: three fabricated models and three cast aluminum end cap models. The former has drop-down side shelves, while the latter are fixed shelves. Stainless steel mesh cooking grids, heat indicator and vents. Black aluminized or stainless steel; all have stainless steel grill heads. Upgrade any model with infrared side cooker, warming rack or SearMagic cooking grid.

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Primo Grills

Primo Grills introduces the innovate ceramic-shell grill that allows for the juices to stay where they belong: in the meat. This type of grill radiates far less heat than metal gas grills, so less moisture is removed from the food. A portable model and charcoal grills are also available.

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Twin Eagles Grills

You can find a high-performance grill from Twin Eagles. They offer from 30″ – 54″ built-in outdoor, stainless steel propane grills. Each comes with easy-to-open hoods, zone dividers, LED control panels and even interior lights for night grilling. Choose from a variety of bases that include multi-drawer carts.

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