Why Use Propane?

Propane–The Way to Go

Why use propane? The better question might be: Why wouldn’t you use propane?

The many benefits of propane have been studied and well-documented, from its friendly environmental impact to its reliability. Not to mention that propane is clearly an affordable and more cost-efficient alternative to other energy sources.

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What exactly is propane?

Propane is liquefied petroleum gas, referred to as LP gas. This liquid is both odorless (what you smell from propane is an additive so a propane gas leak can be detected) and colorless and vaporizes into a gas that can be used to run outdoor grills, hot water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers and other appliances.

Efficiency is one word that describes propane to a T. Compare an electric and propane water heater: in the former, it can take an hour to heat up water in the tank; in a propane water heater, the water will reach the same temperature in 20 minutes! That can translate into a 30% decrease in your bills when compared to heating with electricity.

Need more reasons to use propane? Read on!

A Clean Burn

Safe is another word that applies to propane gas.

For one, propane burns cleaner than any other source (for instance, it has much less carbon than does gasoline, ethanol or diesel, resulting in the release of far fewer greenhouse gases than these other fuels). Propane also does not contaminate soil or water.

The Environmental Protection Agency, convinced that harmful toxins in the air are produced more by coal-burning facilities, does not even regulate the placement of propane tanks above or below ground (though the Chemical Accident Prevention rule issued by the EPA applies when storing more than 10,000 pounds of propane in a single tank or group of tanks).

What’s more, propane storage tanks are much more durable than tanks used to store gasoline and other fuels–more puncture resistant by up to 20 times over these other tanks.

According to statistics provided by the Propane Education & Research Council, using propane in various applications lessens greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s how much compared to electric appliances:

  • 13% lower vs. electric heat pumps
  • 52% lower vs. electric residential water heaters
  • 64% lower vs. electric residential space heating
  • 66% lower vs. electric desiccant dehumidifiers

If you use propane for your fireplace instead of a wood-burning unit, you’ve eliminated the ash and soot produced by burning wood. Once again, you get a cleaner burn!

Comfort is also a plus with propane. For instance, air heated by a propane furnace is 25 degrees warmer than air warmed by an electric heat pump!

Propane: The $$ Saver

Everyone loves to save money and perhaps one of the biggest answers to “Why use propane?” is: you will save money!

Let’s look at the stats: a propane-powered clothes dryer is 50% more efficient than an electric dryer. Propane furnaces can have an efficiency rating as high as 95, much higher than electric furnaces. And they last up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps! Propane boilers can be as much as one-third more efficient than a gas boiler. You will also save money because propane powered appliances can last longer. For example, a propane tankless water heater can last up to ten years longer than a standard 50-gallon water heater.

And there you have it. When comparing the pros and cons, you simply can’t ignore the financial and environmental pros of propane!

Once you have chosen a product, Diversified Energy is ready to install it for you and supply the propane you need to power it.

Diversified Energy offers automatic home delivery and above- and underground propane storage tank installation as well. We are your full-service propane company that can help you make the best and most economical choice for propane products for your home.