Why Should I Use Propane to Heat My House?

Why Should I Use Propane to Heat My House? Whether you gather friends and family around your newly installed propane gas fireplace or run the dishwasher and take a shower at the same time because of the increase capacity of your tankless water heater, you’re benefiting from the latest environmentally friendly energy technology. Propane heating is more cost effective than traditional methods and can save you a significant amount of money through rebates and tax credits for running an energy efficient home.

At the Hearth of the Home

The fireplace is the focal point of the home, especially in the colder months. It’s where you gather with family and friends to watch a game, celebrate an event, or simply hang out. When you utilize propane heating in your gas fireplace, you can rest easy knowing that your fireplace is cost efficient, and some models will operate even IF the electrical power is out. Gas burning fireplaces also produce lower emissions than traditional wood-burning units.

Propane fireplaces can also easily be ignited using a simple switch either directly at the fireplace location or by remote control. These features not only save you money but give you peace of mind in regards to safety. There’s no lit embers to worry about and with a propane fireplace and you’ll also have cleaner air in your home and in your environment.

Fire Up the Grill

Propane is perfect for backyard grilling. It’s portable, easily stored, easy to start up and is a cost effective fuel source. You’ll be limiting your impact on the environment and emitting fewer greenhouse emissions than other grill fuel sources like coal. So, feel confident that you’ve made the right choice the next time you light your propane grill. You won’t have to worry about the cleanup associated with charcoal or the troubles of lighting it on a windy day.

Water When You Need It

Choosing a tankless water heater for your home, fueled by propane, may costs less than an electric unit and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. Not only is a tankless water heater more cost effective, it is also much more space efficient than a traditional storage tank water heater, while having a longer lifespan as well.

Propane Heating

Propane is a clean energy source that can operate a number of appliances and heating equipment in your home. With storage vessel options from smaller 120-gallon tanks that can be connected to your gas system, hooked up to your gas grill, and can be set next to the building, to the sizeable 1000 gallon tanks that can supply all of your energy needs, we have a wide range of propane tank options for you.

Why Use Propane in the Home

Propane is one of the most efficient sources of energy used to heat homes using propane powered fireplaces, heat water in tankless water heaters, cook food in gas grills and stoves, and so much more. Almost everything that you can power using electricity or heating oil(s), you can cost effectively power with clean, reliable, ecologically friendly propane gas.

As a “green” energy, propane is colorless and odorless and leaves a minimal impact on the environment. It is also a more cost effective alternative to other heating sources, both in the long term and initially with the current rebates and tax credits available for homes using alternative energy.

Diversified Energy provides a convenient home propane delivery services to homeowners. We are available to deliver propane to your home all throughout the year, and we can assist you with any other home heating need that you may have including water heater installations, connecting a propane tank to your grill, and more.

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