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Why is Propane Gas Used as Fuel?

From vehicles to water heaters, it’s clear that propane gas has endless uses. Liquid petrol gas, LPG, is a hydrocarbon commonly called propane. Propane is produced during the processing of natural gas as well as the processing of crude oil. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. The sulfuric or rotten egg smell associated with propane is a safe additive to help identify leaks. Unlike other fuel sources, if a leak does occur, it isn’t harmful to the soil and water in the area. 

Propane can be easily stored and transported because of its low boiling point, making it easy to transport, as well. America is the #1 consumer and producer of propane. In Wisconsin alone, 245 million gallons of propane were used in 2012; 87% of which was used for residential purposes.

Over half of the world’s propane supply is produced in the United States and Canada alone, so much so that the United States became a net exporter as of 2011.

Cost/Energy Efficiency of Propane    

When it comes to appliances, efficiency is determined by the amount of energy absorbed divided by the amount of energy produced. Overall, Propane is much more effective than most fuel sources. For some, it even doubles the effectiveness of their appliances, saving families money in the long run. It costs less to produce propane than most other fuel types. 

As stated by the Department of Energy, switching your clothes dryer and tankless water heater to propane can save you around 30-50% of your annual energy bill. Even farmers report significant savings when they switch to a propane fuel-powered irrigation engine—some report up to 50% savings. 

On the residential front, tankless propane heaters save homeowners tons of money. They cost about 60% less and are around 80-94% cost-effective. This savings trend is similar across the board for propane appliances. While most propane appliances are effective, stovetops and ovens are less so. Ovens are only 10% effective, and standard stovetops are only 40%. 

Propane as a Heat Source   

Propane is a powerhouse regarding heat, and statistics show the numbers for it. Over 11 Million people use propane for heat. 8% of the Midwest uses it for warmth, and 7% nationally. Propane is used globally for heat at a whopping 44%. Nothing is better than a warm home, and propane works well with heating big homes and spaces.

Propane as a Hot Water Source  

Tankless water heaters are more effective and cost less annually than electric water heaters. Because propane tanks are versatile and come in different sizes, they are perfect for those in rural areas, especially those who don’t have easy access to pipelines.

Because of propane’s efficiency, you use less propane than you would electricity to do the same tasks. They also cost around 60% less to operate than an electric water heater. 

Propane as a Cooking Source

Cooking can be tricky even with the best of tools. Nothing beats the precise temperature control and heat delivery of a propane-powered stove and oven. A study was done with professional chefs, and 97% preferred propane stoves and ovens over electric ones. Most gas appliances aren’t affected during power outages. The stoves and ovens cover many price ranges, from economy to quite pricey. 

Gas stoves mostly have conventional electric ignition, but some have sealed electrical ignition. Gas ovens have more moisture in them, which promotes better baking. Gas ovens cost less on average to use and maintain and are efficient for baking and cooking. Propane is even used in commercially made fridges as a refrigerant.

Propane as a Power Source   

The versatility and portability of propane mean that it can be used everywhere. From residential to commercial uses, propane provides heat and fuel to millions of people. Construction workers use propane to power their equipment, such as forklifts. Restaurants use propane for cooking appliances and heat. 

Even in agriculture, propane is essential. From farming equipment to greenhouses, farmers rely heavily on propane as a power source. Portable generators are used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Propane to Power your Car   

 Autogas propane has been an auto fuel since its founding in 1912. Propane fuel was named an alternative fuel under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Like most auto fuels, it is drawn from the tank and turned into gas before going to the engine. Propane provides many benefits for vehicles. It can lower maintenance costs, lower emissions, and save you money on fuel. Since it costs less to produce and is produced in the US, it makes propane much more affordable. 

Propane is eco-friendly since it has a low carbon footprint. It produces 10% less carbon dioxide, 40% less nitrogen oxide, and 20% less carbon monoxide than regular fuel. Propane can match emission goals when you switch from gas. Over 17 million vehicles use propane auto fuel globally. 

The number of vehicles that can convert to propane as a fuel rose in the 1970s due to rising gas prices. As of 2000, there are 1,600 biofuel propane F-150s used in California’s state fleet.

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