When Is the Best Time to Buy Propane for Home Heating?

When you go grocery shopping, you might typically go armed with a list of only those items you need at the time.

The same mentality does not, however, apply when it comes time to buying propane for your home heating needs. You should be aware of the market fluctuations, seasonal changes, and where to buy propane when the times comes to fill your needs.

So when IS the best time to buy propane for heating your home?

Plan ahead when buying propane so you can save money.

Plan Ahead

One caveat of the propane industry is: don’t run out of gas.

Make sure to fill your tank before you run out. If you need an emergency fill-up, that might be expensive, plus in many cases a propane company will check for leaks when the tank is fully empty, leading to additional charges.

It’s a good idea to end the previous winter season on a full tank. Then you have peace of mind that you’re ready for the next season and you won’t get caught out in the cold.

Keep an Eye on Prices

Like the cost of many commodities, propane prices can fluctuate throughout the year. In most cases, prices are lower in the warmer months and higher during the winter, but prices can even fluctuate throughout the summer.

These fluctuations can be minor, but even a few cents can make a difference. If you have a 500-gallon tank, a decrease of 20 cents per gallon can save you money. Prices can also change by region; residents of the East Coast might pay three dollars per gallon, while those in the Midwest pay nearly half that. Know when prices are lowest in your area of the U.S. and take advantage.

Buy During the Warmer Months

Spring is upon us and the lazy hazy days of summer await…time to think about heating your home!

As strange as that might sound, this makes total sense from a financial standpoint. Propane prices can be up to a dollar cheaper in the warmer months as compared to the winter season.

Some companies, such as Diversified Energy, offer price protection so you can get the propane you need at a comfortable cost. Propane won’t go bad, so you can fill your tank or tanks in July in anticipation of the cold weather in November, and you can save potentially hundreds of dollars in the process.

A cap price plan to manage your monthly cost and a lock price so you pay a set amount despite the cost fluctuations are also available. Diversified Energy works with each and every customer to ensure that they’re paying the most reasonable cost based on consumption and current pricing.

In addition, Diversified Energy propane is available to customers when they need it; propane delivery includes an automatic delivery system so you don’t even have to call.

Where to Buy Propane?

If you’re a resident of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or Pennsylvania, you can choose one of the top East Coast propane dealers in Diversified Energy. Join more than 25,000 customers who enjoy Diversified Energy’s services.

From storage tank installation to gas line repairs, Diversified Energy can handle all of your propane needs, whether it’s grilling, home heating, or endless hot water.

Stop by a Diversified Energy service center–one of eight in NC or its Mount Joy, PA, office — and learn more about what this company has offer. Or call 1-800-719-1194 and get any questions you might have answered promptly.

When’s the best time to buy propane? Diversified Energy has the answer!