What is a gas fireplace insert?

We will tell you What is a gas fireplace insert. Propane gas inserts are installed inside a masonry fireplace to increase efficiency, improve safety, and to create a reliable and easy to use heat source. By adding a thermostat and blower system the gas insert converts the old, drafty chimney into a furnace rated heat source. You and your family can enjoy beautiful, realistic looking flames without having to deal with all of the soot and mess.

What is a gas fireplace insert

Why choose a propane gas insert

Many homeowners have not used their masonry fireplaces for years. The hassle and mess involved with making a wood fire is often not worth the trouble. Not to mention the significant loss of heat that goes up the chimney when the vents are open for a wood burning fire. Take back the hearth in your home by installing a gas insert from Diversified Energy. The family can once again gather around the fireplace on a regular basis to enjoy a beautiful fire without all the mess.

Gas inserts require very little maintenance

Clean burning propane gas helps maintain high air quality while providing warmth and beauty for the home. No more concern of sooting, chimney fires or costly cleaning sweep fees. Gas fireplaces can be used over and over, year after year with very little service requirements.

Gas inserts offer convenience and control

Many homeowners will attest to how much more willing they are to use their fireplace after a gas insert has been installed. It doesn’t take any more effort than a flip of a switch to use it, adjusting the flame or heat output takes just seconds. Many gas inserts will adjust to a desired temperature automatically, once a thermostat has been set. An investment in a gas insert will be recovered by years of enjoyment.

If you’re in the market for a new gas insert or propane gas fireplace, Diversified Energy can help you choose a suitable option with the features you desire at competitive prices. Find your local Diversified Energy Service Center and ask for your free home estimate on a gas insert, fireplace or freestanding unit.