What is a Gas Insert and How Does it Work with Propane?

Propane gas inserts are used to replace outdated, drafty, inefficient and often dangerous zero clearance or masonry fireplaces. Because they are powered by propane gas, they are easily controllable and far easier to operate and maintain than other fireplaces.

If you’re searching for a fireplace upgrade, a propane gas insert might be an ideal choice for your particular needs. Homeowners often prefer to install a gas insert when they need to update their fireplaces due to the benefits mentioned below.

Gas inserts fit right into the spot for your old fireplace

If you already have an existing older wood burning fireplace, or if you have a chimney but don’t have a fireplace installed, you can typically install a gas insert. They are designed to fit perfectly into your old fireplace’s opening so that there is minimal heat loss when the fireplace is operated. They can also be custom installed even if there is no fireplace opening.

Propane gas inserts are simple to maintain

Compared to most other types of fireplaces, gas inserts are very easy to maintain and require just a few steps each year. This is because there’s no wood supply to deal with, and they don’t have to be cleaned out after each and every use like wood fireplaces.

Gas inserts burn cleanly

Gas inserts burn much more cleanly than wood-burning fireplaces and are perfect for zone heating, as they quickly warm up rooms and allow the thermostat to be turned down, lowering overall energy consumption.

They are available in several different styles

There are many different styles to choose from, and along with improving heating efficiency, they can significantly improve the visual appearance of a room. Many gas inserts can turn an outdated fireplace into an incredible centerpiece that will impress guests and add resale value to a home.

They offer flexible venting

Although gas inserts can sometimes be vented out of an existing chimney, they can also be vented through a wall or floor. In some cases, a vent-less propane gas fireplace can even be installed, but their legality varies from one state to another. They are legal in the states where Diversified Energy currently operates with some restrictions on installation locations.

Propane gas inserts have a convenient fuel source that is easy to resupply

Although some may prefer the look and traditional comfort of a wood burning fireplace, it comes at a significant price in terms of both money and time. Wood burning fireplaces and inserts require an ongoing source of wood that must be maintained, as well as a dry storage place.

Those who don’t have access to a wooded area to chop their own firewood will need to purchase their supply, and the cost for seasoned wood can easily exceed the comparable cost of liquid propane.

Whenever your propane gas insert needs a refill, you only need to contact Diversified Energy to get a prompt resupply delivered to you. Visit our homepage at https://www.diversifiedenergy.com/ and find your local service center to learn more about upgrading to a gas insert or to schedule convenient and affordable propane delivery!