What is a Direct Vent Fireplace?

Direct vent fireplaces are commonly installed as an alternative or upgrade to traditional fireplaces when remodeling or building a home, as they can be vented directly to the outside without requiring a chimney. Traditional fireplaces utilize indoor air for combustion and are widely considered to be inefficient because of the fact that they allow warmed air to escape from the doors of the fireplace and holes in the firebox.

Direct vent fireplaces draw outdoor air for combustion and utilize a much more efficient approach where the air in the room is heated and recirculated. Most direct vent systems are designed to keep cool air out and warm air inside the room, making them ultra-efficient compared to any wood burning traditional fireplace.


How direct vent fireplaces work

Direct vent propane fireplaces operate by drawing in combustion air from outside of the building. Cooler air is drawn into the lower chamber, circulates in the firebox and is then released as warm air through the fan.

Heat is also radiated from the face of the unit into the room, warming it even more. The venting for the fireplace can exit from the rear or the top of the unit or other configurations, allowing for more versatility. Direct power venting can be used to install vents around almost any object and even up and down stairways. Direct vent fireplaces can also be installed for homes with a chimney, as the existing chimney can be used to vent the fireplace.

Very flexible with installation locations

Direct vent fireplaces have some of the greatest flexibility when it comes to installation locations within the home. They are often installed in the basement, living room, bedroom, dining area, or almost anywhere else where there is sufficient space. They also add a certain sleekness and elegance to any room, and can really improve the area’s décor and ambiance.

You’ll never need a chimney to operate a direct vent fireplace, so it gives you almost unlimited choices when it comes to your installation preference. Many homeowners choose to install multiple direct vent fireplaces in several rooms as a way to efficiently heat their home and add more charm, resale value and luxury to it as well.

Customize your fireplace how you wish

If you choose to install a direct vent fireplace, there’s no doubt that it will be the focal point for the room. You can choose from a wide range of different customizations based on your preferences. You can usually choose from multiple design options, multiple types of fake logs, finishes, shelving, panels, rocks, art additions, and much more. In this way, you can truly create a unique fireplace that has all of the visual appeal that you want, along the ease of operation and efficiency that propane offers.

There’s nothing that really compares to most direct vent propane fireplaces, and the money that you can save both in the long and short term can quickly add up with the extra efficiency of propane energy. For more information about fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces and their benefits, or to check out some models in one of our storerooms, click here to find your local Diversified Energy service center.