What to Do With Your Propane Gas During a Power Outage

When you purchased or remodeled your home, you might have spoken with professionals about propane use ideas that could benefit you in the future. If you had such foresight, you’ll be thankful that you did when/if you suffer a prolonged power outage.

A bad storm. A power surge. A fallen tree knocking down nearby power lines. An underground power line severed by an unwitting digger. There are many reasons why you could suddenly lose power in your home; however, the reasons why power is lost are less important than how you are able to react to such an event.

During these times, you might enjoy the benefits of propane as an energy source to power your furnace, gas fireplace, or generator. Being prepared can mean that you don’t lose heat in the middle of a severe winter, you can have an alternative heat source such as a fireplace at your disposal, and can even save food in your refrigerator should the power loss result from an extreme power demand during a summer heatwave.

In addition to the benefits of propane during a power outage, you should also be aware of propane safety precautions and practices so you know exactly what to do with your propane gas in such an event. And how to ensure that you always have enough of this precious commodity on hand during a power loss? We’ll take a look at these topics and more — read on!

using propane during power outage

Benefits of Propane

As touched upon earlier, the benefits of propane should you lose power are enormous. First and foremost, you have a reliable power source to heat your home, run your refrigerator, and operate your stove so you can continue to cook. You might also be able to maintain hot water for showering or cooking purposes and even power your lights and air conditioner.

In short, having propane gas on hand when the power goes out allows you to maintain all of the modern comforts you’ve no doubt grown accustomed to on a daily basis!

Even if your home heating source is powered by electricity, you might have a propane gas-powered fireplace or stove that can supply heat in the dead of winter. Voila! An instant source of heat at just the turn of a knob or flip of a switch thanks to propane.

In some cases, the benefits of propane during power outages can extend beyond simple comfort. Suppose, for instance, that you or a family member rely on a powered medical device for your everyday health. Should you have a propane-powered generator, for instance, you now have power to your home when the lights—and everything else—goes out.

Safety Precautions

As energy sources go, propane is one of the cleanest, most reliable, and safest substances you can use. It should be noted, however, that safety is directly linked to the proper handling of this liquid gas.

For instance, should you become aware of the very distinct smell of a possible propane gas leak—a “rotten egg” or “cabbage” odor—it’s important that you shut off the main source of the gas, leave the home, and immediately call your propane supply company and/or the fire department.

Leaking propane gas is flammable and tends to settle close to the ground, as it is heavier than air; thus, if you detect a possible leak, do not use a match or lighter to try to relight a pilot light or use a candle to light a basement to inspect for any possible leak from a gas line.

Also, NEVER use a portable propane tank inside the home to power any appliance or heating unit, during a power outage or at any other time.

Automatic Refill

Relying on propane gas during a power outage doesn’t do any good if you do not have an adequate supply on hand to respond to such an emergency.

Perhaps the best way to ensure propane delivery when you need it is to use an automatic refill feature, as the one offered by Diversified Energy.

Diversified, a leading East Coast propane retailer uses its Automatic “Watchdog” service to keep its more than 20,000 customers in full stock of propane to meet their individual needs. This computerized delivery service alerts GPS-dispatched trucks when a customer needs a refill, ensuring homes have what they need not only for their daily uses but in the event of a power loss or other emergency situation.

Of course, a Will Call option is available for those customers who would rather monitor their usage and schedule their own deliveries—but it’s surely a comfort to many to know that propane companies like Diversified Energy are ready to provide uninterrupted service without the customer having to do anything but reap the benefits!

Online Bill Pay

Besides automatic delivery and a host of other services, such as above- or underground propane tank rental and installation, gas line installation and repair, and the sales and installation of gas products such as fireplace inserts and gas stoves from leading manufacturers, Diversified Energy makes it easy for you to pay with an online bill pay feature.

You’ll simply need your customer ID and password and you can make a payment in just seconds.

Reliable delivery. Top-notch installation and repairs. Easy payment method. It’s no wonder thousands of customers turn to Diversified Energy when it comes to the use of propane. If you rely on propane during a power outage, Diversified Energy is there for you.