What Can Propane Do For You?

The Diversity of Propane

When you think propane, the first thing you most likely think is…outdoor grill. In fact, that might be the ONLY thing you associate propane gas with.

Some folks might also think about gas fireplaces, and maybe stoves. But did you know propane can do so much more than heat your home or cook your food? Propane gas is a versatile source of energy that you can use to power many things you use on a daily basis.

Let’s explore how you can make propane a bigger part of your life, save money (annual energy costs when using propane can be 30% – 50% less as compared to using electric-powered items), and enjoy a clean, green source of energy.

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Propane = Power

What do the following items have in common?

Yes, that’s right: ALL can be powered by propane!

And Diversified Energy works with top manufacturers of these types of products, so we’re literally a one-stop shop. We provide the products, the propane and the technical know-how for installation and maintenance. Whether you’re involved in new construction or remodeling, Diversified Energy can bring propane into your life.

For instance, want endless hot water? That’s what you get with propane-powered tankless hot water heaters. Diversified partners with Navien, Rinnai and Bradford White to bring you systems that are far more efficient than your typical hot water heater, including gas lighting, tank monitoring systems, and everything in between.

With these systems, hot water is continually and consistently supplied–when you need it! It doesn’t sit around in a tank. It’s heated by propane for a steady supply, so you’ll never get the cold shoulder from your shower again.

That’s just ONE example of the benefits of running your life with propane.

The topper? Propane keeps working for you even when the power’s out. You can pull from your aboveground or underground tanks and keep on cooking, drying your clothes and taking hot showers–things you can’t do when you rely on electric.
Plus, propane provides an alternative source of heat during a power outage. Use a propane fireplace or stove to warm your home when the power’s out. You’ll be grateful you did! Diversified offers top names like Kozy Heat and Hearthstone that include efficient ignition systems, venting options, smart remotes, timer modes and so much more.

Turn to Diversified When You Choose Propane

By now you’ve likely seen the light when it comes to propane.

If you want to make propane your #1 energy source, let Diversified Energy be your #1 propane company. If you live in NC or PA, you can rely on Diversified! We have eight locations throughout NC and one in Mount Joy, PA, so come on in and see some of these great products for yourself and talk to our representatives to find out more.

Learn how propane will work for you. Discuss your options. See the products at work. Get details about our automatic delivery system, storage tank and gas line installation, and so much more.  Find the closest Service Center to you and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs over the phone.

We’d love to add you to our growing customer base and indoctrinate another satisfied consumer into the uses and benefits of propane gas. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Call Diversified Energy today and find out about all that propane can do for you. We think you’ll be very pleased.