outdoor propane fireplace

Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio with a Propane Fireplace

During the spring and summer months, you’re likely to be found relaxing on your outdoor patio. Comfy furniture? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Outdoor bar? Check.

So, what else could you need to complete your outdoor patio setting?

You might upgrade your patio with a propane fireplace! With the flip of a switch, you can create flames for warmth or beauty, or you can roast marshmallows if you’re so inclined.

According to a 2018 survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits/fireplaces ranked first overall (66%) as the most popular outdoor patio design element.

If you’re gathering around a fire pit for a few drinks with friends or seeking a warm spot to huddle after a dip in the pool on a cool summer evening, a propane fireplace can quickly become the center of your outdoor patio.

What are the best features of an outdoor propane fireplace?

Outdoor propane fireplace

Safer Than Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are certainly things of beauty and create an atmosphere for your outdoor patio, but they don’t come without safety issues.

If the weather is dry and hot, sparks thrown from a wood-burning fire pit or fireplace can cause a fire; a propane fireplace does not have sparks or embers that can cause such an issue.

Also, you can more easily control the flames on a propane fireplace by simply turning the knobs up or down accordingly; there is, of course, no such feature on a wood-burning unit. If the flames get out of control, it can take no time for a fire to quickly expand and potentially cause damage to your patio and even your home, if your fire pit is close to your house.


When you upgrade your outdoor patio with a propane fireplace, you’re going to love the convenience of such a unit.

There’s no wood to cut and there’s no feeding a propane fireplace. When you’ve sat down with your family and friends and gotten comfortable, there’s no getting up to add wood to the fireplace. The flames are instantaneous and stay lit as long as you have ample propane.

Several types of propane fireplaces are portable, so if you want to rearrange the patio or put the fireplace away for the winter, you’re free to do so. A custom-built wood-burning fireplace does not typically have this benefit.

Another convenience: many propane fire pits have covers that transform your fireplace into a table, so if you need extra surface space during an outdoor party and you’re in no need of a fire, viola! you have an extra table!

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Look Good and Stay Clean

No ashes, no sparks, no excessive smoke—no worries with an outdoor propane fireplace!

It takes only the turn of a knob to turn off the flames of your propane fireplace and call it a night. There are no messy ashes to take care of the next morning, no sparks to cause a potential fire, and your guest doesn’t leave smelling like an ashtray!

You’re also helping the environment; propane burns much cleaner than wood.

Meet Your Propane Needs with Diversified Energy

Once you make the wise choice to add a propane fireplace to your outdoor patio, you’ll, of course, need the propane to fire it up—and keep it going. That’s where Diversified Energy comes in.

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Partner with Diversified Energy and upgrade your outdoor patio with the hottest feature available.