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Upgrade Your Outdoor Fireplace to Propane Supplied

Have an outdoor fireplace that is the focal point of your deck or patio? Something that you, family, and friends gather around on cool nights? Or maybe you don’t have anoutdoor fireplaces and are considering making the addition to your outdoor space.

Just like an indoor fireplace, there are propane fireplace inserts available for outdoor fireplaces that can make life a lot easier and a lot cleaner than burning firewood. Propane is a liquid gas that leaves no virtually no carbon footprint. That means fewer emissions and cleaner air. In fact, propane is listed as an approved fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act.

If you enjoy being outside even when the weather starts to cool, you’ll love having an outdoor propane fireplace around which you can have a few laughs, a few drinks, and a whole lot of warmth and ambiance to enjoy your evenings.

Read on to get more details about the benefits of propane fireplace inserts, the installation process, and how Diversified Energy can help when you’ve made the decision to enjoy outside life with an outdoor propane fireplace.

Benefits of Propane Fireplaces

Let’s start with efficiency. If you have a masonry outdoor fireplace, a lot of heat gets absorbed rather than emitted. Hardly efficient, right? But propane fireplace inserts are designed to reflect the heat, so you get to enjoy more warmth without any waste at all.

Then there’s the matter of clean-up. If you have a wood-burning outdoor fireplace, you know all too well the hassle of the clean-up. Ashes from previous fires need to be cleaned up before you start anew. Some recommend using warm, soapy water a few times a year to clean the fireplace inside and out to get rid of soot build-up. With outdoor propane fireplaces, there is no such cleanup and very little in the way of maintenance.

There’s also no cutting and storing firewood, no time spend building up the fire, and no annoying smoke to deal with. You have a durable, long-lasting, clean fireplace to enjoy at the flick of a switch when you choose a propane insert for your outdoor fireplace.

Propane Inserts Explained

Propane inserts are made to fit into wood-burning fireplaces, both inside and outdoor units, for quick conversion to a more efficient, clean-burning fireplace.

These are self-contained units made of metal that are designed to fit into the opening of an existing masonry fireplace, though in some cases inserts can be custom fit where openings do not exist. Unlike indoor fireplace inserts, some of which are vented through a wall or existing chimney, outdoor propane inserts are typically vent-free.

Fireplace inserts use realistic-looking gas logs rather than actual wood, so you get the visual of a wood-burning unit minus the smoke, ashes, and clean-up. Win-win-win!

The Ease of Installation

Since outdoor propane fireplace inserts are vent-less, they are relatively easy to install. There’s no ventilation needed through a wall or chimney, which would require additional parts and labor.

But while the insert itself generally slides into the existing opening, there are gas and electric lines that the insert will need to be connected to. This is where the experts come in. It’s recommended to use trained, licensed technicians like those from Diversified Energy to install an outdoor propane insert.

If you don’t have one already, you might need to have a propane storage tank installed, especially if you will be using propane to power other appliances in addition to your outdoor fireplace. Again, this is where Diversified Energy comes in. Don’t try installing a storage tank yourself or by using an unlicensed contractor, especially for underground tanks. Diversified can help you determine the right tank size to purchase the tank, and provide licensed technicians who can quickly install your above- or underground storage tank.

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Let Diversified Energy assist you with all your outdoor fireplace needs! Between installation, choosing inserts, and property maintenance, Diversified can help with it all!

How Can Diversified Help?

In addition to technicians who are trained in the safe installation of outdoor fireplace inserts, Diversified Energy can help you choose an insert as well as meet all your propane delivery needs.
Diversified Energy partners with top fireplace insert manufacturers, including Astria, Kozy Heat, Napoleon, and Majestic; you might stop by one of eight Diversified showrooms in North Carolina or the company’s Mount Joy, PA, location to see models of various fireplace inserts and discuss options with a representative.

And when it’s time, you can be assured of the safe installation of your outdoor fireplace insert that meets all codes and specifications. Finally, Diversified Energy offers a “Watchdog” propane delivery system that monitors your propane usage and gets you the propane you need before you ever run out. There’s a reason Diversified boasts of more than 25,000 satisfied customers!