Take Your Barbecuing to a Whole New Level with Cajun Fryer

Who says you have to do all of your grilling on traditional charcoal or propane grills?

Let’s face it, some foods are just not their best when prepared on a grill. Look at the sides that many North Carolinian’s like to have with their barbecue, such as hush puppies or French fries. These turn out best when cooked in a fryer, right?

Cajun Fryer has the answer to all your grilling needs

Their line of Cajun Fryer products are a great addition to your backyard barbecue experience. These are high-quality propane gas supply fryers that come in a variety of models to be used in your yard as well as camping or even tailgating.

Get ready to add a little ‘Nawlins to your NC barbecuing with the line of Cajun Fryers from R & W Works!

Doing It Up Right with Cajun Fryers

Say you happen to be in Wilmington; not far from the beaches. You go out fishing and make some nice catches, which you bring home to barbecue. Doesn’t some fried fish sound really good?

A Cajun Fryer allows you to prepare fried fish outside: add oil, place your fish into the basket, fire it up and place the basket in the oil when it’s nice and hot (built-in thermometers monitor the temperature). You’ll have mouth-watering fried fish in no time!

Most models, even the smallest ones, have two baskets, so fry up those hush puppies or fries, make some famous North Carolina vinegar coleslaw, and you have yourself a good ol’ Southern meal!

A Cajun Fryer also allows you to keep up with another fine Southern tradition: deep frying your turkey on Thanksgiving! Depending on your model, you can fry up to two to four 14-lb. turkeys–quite enough to satisfy the largest family!

What are you waiting for? Add to your outdoor menu by wheeling a 2-, 4- or even 6-basket Cajun Fryer up next to your propane gas supply grill, invite the relatives and neighbors over and have a good old-fashioned North Carolina barbecue!

Where to Get Your Cajun Fryer

Diversified Energy is a leading propane gas supplier and Cajun Fryer dealer in North Carolina, with offices in Greensboro, Wake Forest, and Wilmington.

If you’re a resident of any of these areas and we now have your mouth watering for some fried fish or hush puppies done the way the restaurants do them, then come visit our showroom or call us at 800-719-1104 to find out more about these products.

While we’re at it, we can also discuss all of your propane gas supply needs: from installing propane storage tanks to scheduling automatic gas deliveries.

We’re a full-service propane supplier who can provide the gas you need for propane grills, pool heaters, fireplaces and hot water heaters.
And if you want to throw some fish and fries in your Cajun Fryer and have lunch while we make our gas delivery–well, we certainly aren’t ones to argue!