Specialty Cookers, Fryers & Smokers

Grilling: The Next Level

If you’re like two-thirds of the U.S. population, you have a grill on your patio, deck or any other outdoor space, and you love to fire it up for hamburgers, hot dogs, or steaks. Your grill is a busy place on the Fourth of July, Father’s Day and probably most summer weekends.

But you just can’t cook a turkey out on your propane grill, can you? And if you want fried fish, you have to do that in the house, right?

Take your outdoor chef skills to the next level with propane specialty cookers, fryers and smokers. These items are made to prepare foods beyond what your everyday grill can handle and can be welcome additions to outdoor kitchens or to join your gas grill on the corner of your patio.

Deep fry a turkey. Smoke a whole hog. Fry up some hush puppies. There’s no limit to what you can whip up when you own a propane fryer, smoker or specialty cooker. This quick page about outdoor cooking is your essential guide to unlocking the secrets of working a propane grill.

Diversified Energy - Meat Grill

Turn Your Backyard Into a Smorgasbord

With the right tools, you can become a versatile chef in your own backyard.

Get a propane fryer, for instance, and make such diverse foods as jambalaya, French fries, poppers and so much more. Most come with fryer baskets and can have built-in thermometers, regulators and anything else you need to ensure the most mouthwatering flavor for your fried foods.

Surprise your guests on Thanksgiving Day with a deep-fried turkey. Propane specialty cookers like a turkey pot makes the juiciest turkeys you’ll ever have. Traditional turkey in the oven is good, but you haven’t tasted Thanksgiving until you’ve carved a deep-fried turkey!

Propane smokers are the way to go when you want true BBQ flavor. And the best thing about smokers is that they heat up fast and the heat stays consistent. You don’t have to be a watchdog when you’re preparing your food. Just relax and let the smoker do its job!

Blackened Cajun fish. BBQ chicken. Smoked shrimp. So many ways to prepare these and other favorite foods in propane specialty cookers, fryers and smokers.

Best Brands

Diversified Energy partners with some of the top manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products for your outdoor grilling needs.

For instance, Broilmaster offers a slow cooker/smoker that’s perfect for things like chicken, fish and vegetables. It delivers consistent cooking temperature for as long as you need.

Green Mountain Grills has a wide range of smokers, even ones that fit into the counter of an outdoor kitchen! Ribs, anyone? These smokers are ready to handle just about anything you throw at it.
Finally, Wilmington Grill has a smoker kit for 30-in. gas grills. Turn your ordinary grill into a top-notch smoker!

Get Cookin’ with Diversified Energy

Once you have your smoker, fryer or specialty cooker, it’s time to call Diversified Energy.
Being one of the largest propane companies on the East Coast, Diversified can get your new grills connected to a gas system. We specialize in gas line and storage tank delivery and installation. You’ll have a permanent supply to your outdoor grilling accessories in no time!

Diversified Energy serves North Carolina as well as parts of Pennsylvania. We make sure you never run out of gas with tank monitoring systems and automatic delivery, so you’ll never miss a minute of your deep-fried fish or smoked ham.

Contact one of our local service centers to find out more about how we can pair propane with your cookers, fryers or smokers to ensure that you can always fire up what you need to make the dishes you love.