Save Money on Hot Water Bills by Using Propane for Water Heating

“I’m not tired of paying high utility bills,” said no one ever. Reducing energy and water bills are likely among the goals of every homeowner in the U.S. So how do you go about it?

When it comes to hot water bills, one way to save money is to use propane for heating water. According to Consumer Reports, nearly 20% of a household budget goes to paying for water heating. You could experience noticeable savings if you could cut that bill down some.

How about tankless water heaters? These products heat water on demand only, so you’re not paying to heat water that’s going to sit unused in a tank.

Combination boilers, or combi-boilers as they are most often referred, are another money-saving option when it comes to water heating. These units provide both home heating during the winter months and on-demand hot water year-round.

Both tankless water heaters and combi-boilers can be powered using propane, which is cheaper in most cases than electric.

Let’s examine both of these options and see which might work best for your home.

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Tankless Water Heaters

No storage tank. Up to 50% savings on a traditional electric water heater. Unlimited and on-demand hot water.

What’s not to like about tankless water heaters?

These compact, space-saving units provide propane hot water whenever and wherever you need it. And plenty of it–anywhere between 2-8 gallons per minute depending on the unit you’ve selected.

Not only do they save you money by not heating up gallons and gallons of water at one time (some of which might sit for a while in a tank), but these water heaters can last 20 years or more. You’d need to replace a water heater unit about every 10-15 years or so. A new water heater could cost upward of $1,500 or much more, depending on the size you need.


Right off the bat, combi-boilers are going to save you money just in installation and purchasing costs alone. These compact, wall-mounted space savers install quickly and you don’t have to buy and have installed a separate water heater and boiler.

A combi-boiler could run at 90% – 95% efficiency, making this a great money-saving option. And in the warm weather, when the boiler is not needed to heat your home, you pay only for the use of hot water.

Some models allow you to run up to three showers and a dishwasher–at the same time! So you not only get cost savings and efficiency, you get a reliable unit that doesn’t waste a single drop of the water you’re paying for.

No matter which option you choose–tankless water heater or combi-boiler–you’ll save the most if you go with propane rather than electric. In most areas of the U.S., propane gas is the cheaper way to go.

Propane Hot Water Products and Diversified Energy

When it comes to tankless hot water heaters and comb-boilers, you can count on Diversified Energy–a leading propane supplier on the East Coast–to deliver and install products from top manufacturers in the industry.

If you have any questions about saving money by using propane hot water units, call any one of eight NC-based Diversified Energy service centers or its Mount Joy, PA, office. You can be directed to any center by calling our team at 1-800-719-1194.

Diversified Energy is more than hot water heaters; they can be your reliable propane supplier with automatic home delivery, storage tank installation, gas line repairs and much more. There’s a reason more than 25,000 residents in North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia rely on Diversified Energy.

So stop overpaying your water heating bill and let propane hot water and Diversified Energy give you the solution you need.