Residential Propane Products for the Home

Propane: A Viable Energy Source for Your Home

Propane has many uses in both commercial and residential settings.

For the home, propane can be used to heat your water, stove, fireplace and outdoor grill, to name some products. You can also use propane to heat your pool, use an outdoor kitchen and power your clothes dryer.

But why would someone choose propane gas over natural gas or other sources?

The benefits to using propane are both environmental and financial. Propane offers a cleaner burn, with no release of greenhouse gases to affect the environment. And it’s a cheaper option for heating your home and water: you can easily save 30% on your monthly utility bill by using propane.

Let’s take a closer look at residential propane products you can use to increase energy efficiency and have a positive impact on the environment.

Propane Products for the Home

Which propane products you choose for your home depends largely on your needs.

For instance, if you live in an area where you often lose power and are seeking an alternative heating source, then a propane fireplace or stove would be for you. These products offer a reliable heat source when your electric heat pump or furnace are not working due to an interruption in power.

You can choose from various styles and sizes for fireplaces and stoves. You can heat one room or an entire house–it’s up to you!
If your home already has a wood-burning fireplace, you might consider converting it with a gas insert. Propane fireplaces provide great warmth and ambiance without the sooty ash and messy clean up–simply flick a switch and you get an instant flame.

The same goes for a stove. If you have a wood-burning stove to help keep your home warm during a power outage, you can replace it with a propane stove. These are simply much more efficient and easier to clean and maintain than an older unit.

Propane hot water heaters offer a money-saving way to ensure that you have sufficient hot water all the time. Endless hot water heaters heat up water in a fraction of the time it takes a traditional hot water heater to reach the same temperature.


Let Diversified Energy Pros Help

Diversified Energy, a leading propane delivery company on the East coast, carries propane products from top manufacturers, such as Kozy Heat, Broilmaster, Hearthstone, and Majestic.
You can call 828-266-9800 to find a local office. Then, stop by or call and get more details about propane fireplaces, inserts, stoves, water heaters and more. Our offices include showrooms where you can take a look at these products and ask our professionals any questions you might have.

And once you have chosen a product, Diversified Energy is ready to install it for you and supply the propane you need to power it.

Diversified Energy offers automatic home delivery and above- and underground propane storage tank installation as well. We are your full-service propane company that can help you make the best and most economical choice for propane products for your home.