Propane Gas Cooktops and Ovens – Benefits of Using Propane Gas

When you’re cooking on your outdoor grill, you’re most likely using propane gas. But move indoors and for most people, it’s electric or natural gas. Why?

If propane is good enough for grilling out on your patio or deck, you should know that it’s equally as effective for your indoor cooking needs. There happen to be several benefits to using propane gas for our cooktops and ovens.

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Get Cooking with Propane

One of the main benefits is the environmental safety of propane gas. It burns clean and emissions are low.

There’s also the positive impact on your pocketbook. Since propane heats quickly, you use less to get your cooktop or oven up to the desired temperature. It’s estimated that homeowners can save 30% – 50% annually when compared to electric appliances, in a report by

And if you live in an area with frequent power outages, guess what? You’re safe with propane gas–it works all the time, power or no power. That’s a big plus if you lose power for several days.

Let’s compare propane gas cooktops and ovens to other heating sources and measure the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose propane.

Cooking with Gas: Propane vs. Electric Cooktops and Ovens

There’s an old saying from the early 20th century that when you do something efficiently that you are “cooking with gas.”

There’s a good reason why this saying came about. It has long been known that cooking with propane gas is far more cost-efficient and provides better heat control than electric stoves or ovens.

Cooktops and ovens heated with propane also turn off quicker, which is both a safety and overcooking benefit. There’s no chance you can’t tell that a burner powered by propane has been left on: you’ll see the flames.

There is a greater possibility of leaving an electric burner on without noticing, increasing your electric bill as well as the chance of you or someone else getting burned.

Electric burners also stay hot longer. Again, it’s a safety issue, as someone might think the burner is no longer hot but it still is. Cooktops heated by propane turn off and cool down more quickly.

Many people who use propane gas cooktops and ovens state that food is more evenly cooked. This could be due to the fact that gas-powered flames spread out over the bottom of a pot or pan, allowing for a greater heating area as opposed to electric burners.

Propane or Natural Gas for Cooktops and Ovens: Which One?

In many cases, people using gas cooktop stoves and ovens prefer natural rather than propane gas. Are they making the right choice?

Basically, propane is the better choice when it comes to heating time and control. And when it comes to safety, the nod goes to propane. The fuel from the supply tank comes out as a vapor as opposed to a liquid. Propane is less flammable than other gases.

And when it comes to the environmentally-conscious, it’s worth noting that natural gas is a greenhouse gas, while propane is not. Propane is a safer, cleaner, and non-toxic option.

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