Propane Cost Savings, When to Buy

The cost savings of using propane to power your home is well-documented.

Studies from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Propane Education & Research Council, for instance, demonstrate the cost savings of using propane-powered appliances such as heating systems, alternate heating sources, dryers, stoves and water heaters.

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Saving Money With Propane

On average, you’ll spend about twice as much using electricity as compared to propane. Propane cost savings are notable no matter how you use it. Propane fireplaces, for example, produce more heat using less propane; so, if you’re using electric it’s going to take much more to get it up to the same heat that a propane fireplace emits.

Statistics show:

  • You can save about $120 per year using a propane water heater compared to an electric unit
  • Propane fireplaces can cost up to 60% less per hour of operation compared to a wood-burning fireplace
  • Up to 65% savings have been shown when using some propane clothes dryers over electric dryers
  • Propane water heaters can be as much as 42% cheaper than electric ones
  • Water is heated twice as fast with a propane compared to an electric water heater
  • Propane gas furnaces can last about 8 years longer than electric heat pumps

As you can see, having propane is worth every penny.

But how much will you spend on your needed supply of propane gas? Is there a “best” time to buy propane? How much propane should you purchase?

Let’s explore propane cost and savings and what you need to know when it comes time to buy propane.

The When and Why of Buying Propane

Whether you rely on propane gas for just one or two appliances or to power your entire home, there may be a “best time” to make the purchase.

Most experts agree: buy propane in the summer months simply because prices are typically lower during this season. Fill your storage tank at the end of summer and you’ll be ready when the weather turns colder.
Of course, the larger the tank, the better. And the emptier it is, the better, too: a larger delivery actually costs less than a small delivery.

Check to see if your propane company offers a pre-buy program. That way, you can take advantage of the lower prices during the summer months and purchase what you’ll need for the winter (some companies offer this option during late August – mid-September). You’re sort of locking in the lower price here–a great way to save when you buy propane.

Automatic delivery is a great way to monitor your gas use and ensure that you don’t run out of this precious energy source. In most cases, you’ll save this way by avoiding special delivery charges.

You might also have the option to set up a budget plan with many propane companies. This allows you to pay the same per month for a fixed amount of time and help you plan your spending.

Buy and Save With Diversified Energy

If you’re a resident of North Carolina or live in or near Mount Joy, PA, you can turn to Diversified Energy–a leading propane company on the East Coast–for your propane purchase and delivery.

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