Make a Primo Grill a Part of your Lifestyle

Primo: The Best in Grilling

No matter where you live in North Carolina, from the coast to the mountains, there’s going to be the smell of barbecue in the air. As one analyst said in a July 2016 Los Angeles Times article about grill sales, “It’s part of the American identity to have a grill.”

It’s certainly an important part of the North Carolina identity. In many states, grills are taken out for the Memorial Day weekend and put away right the Labor Day holiday. In NC, you can smell barbecue in February and it lingers well into October…even November, for the hearty grillers.

Propane grills are of course the most popular type of grill (in the same article mentioned above, it is revealed that nearly 58% of the grill market is owned by gas grills). If you’re a Greensboro, Wake Forest or Wilmington, NC, resident and you’re ready to start your grilling season and you’re in the market for a new propane gas supply grill, then consider a Primo Grill.

Nothing primes you for barbecue season like a Primo Grill!

Primo means ‘the best’ in Italian, so it’s no small wonder that Primo Grills offers the best in ceramic grills.
Not familiar with the advantage of grilling on a ceramic grill? We think you’ll like it!

Metal grills tend to dry out what’s being cooked; the metal radiates heat and moisture is removed from the food. Ceramic grills, on the other hand, allow food to stay more moist–thus, your pork shoulder or pulled pork (if you’re in NC, you’re going to be grilling pork at some point!) is going to be juicier with a ceramic grill like those offered by Primo Grills.

The Patented Oval Design of a Primo grill allows you to cook a thick steak, ribs or pork on the direct side and one of the famous NC sides, like hush puppies or barbecue hash (pork-and-onion meat sauce served over rice) on the indirect side.

Primo grills are versatile as well: smoke, bake, grill or roast!

If propane grills aren’t your thing, you can forget the propane gas supply and go for one of Primo’s charcoal models. Use Primo’s own line of charcoal, made from hardwood to give your meat that North Carolinian wood fire taste.

Primo Grills Offered by Diversified Energy

Greensboro, Wake Forest or Wilmington residents: you are in luck! Diversified Energy is a local propane gas supply company that is a dealer for Primo Grills. Come visit one of our showrooms or call us at 800-719-1104 to find out about the diverse types of charcoal and propane grills you can consider from this manufacturer. Models include up to 420 square inches of cooking area and even a portable model you can take camping or tailgating.

While you’re at it, you can discuss all your propane gas needs with us. We deliver and provide propane tank installation and maintenance services throughout NC. We’d be happy to be at your service for your grilling needs as well.