Invest in a Propane Powered Generator and Put Your Mind At Ease With Winter Weather’s Unpredictability

Another winter, another winter storm, another power outage. Or maybe multiple storms and multiple outages. If this sounds like the type of winter you typically experience, then it might be time to invest in a residential propane powered generator.

With such a generator on hand, you’ll have the ability to combat the unpredictability of winter weather. You’ll be able to power your alternative heating source, such as a fireplace or stove, as well as your water heater and other electric or propane-powered appliances.

Propane generators are an affordable, dependable way to winterize your home in case a storm rolls in.

home covered in snow

What is a Propane Generator?

A propane generator is a unit placed outside of your home that is connected to the electrical system. It is powered, of course, by propane. The propane combusts and creates the energy needed to power your home, so you won’t be without heat or lights during a power outage resulting from a major winter storm.

Diversified Energy propane generators are set up to come on automatically following a power outage. There is typically a 10-30 second delay before the generator comes on. Once power is restored, the generator automatically shuts down.

You can choose from a portable or stationary standby generator, depending on how much power is needed to operate the specific appliances you’ve chosen to run during a prolonged power outage.

Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas Generators

So why choose propane gas to power your generator? How much of a difference exists between propane and natural gas generators?

As far as the generator itself, there really are no differences; both generators supply the power you’ll need for your appliances depending on the size you’ve chosen. The difference comes in the way in which the generator is powered. For propane generators, the unit will be powered by liquid propane gas drawn from an underground or aboveground propane storage tank, while a natural gas generator gets its power from gas that comes through an underground supply line.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that if you use propane, you can determine how much propane you need to have on hand and thus have more control over cost as opposed to natural gas. Also, propane generators are typically less expensive than natural gas generators.

Benefits of a Propane Generator

If having the ability to monitor your gas usage is important to you, and if you are the type of person who likes to budget and determine costs before they happen, then you’ll enjoy the many benefits of having a propane generator.

What’s more, propane generators typically offer lower maintenance costs than gasoline-powered generators. Over time, gasoline units can build up deposits and contaminants that might hinder the start-up of your generator. There’s no benefit to a generator that does not start up within 30 seconds of a power failure.

In addition to having the ability to monitor gas usage and control cost and having the peace of mind that your propane generator will start up when needed, there are a few other benefits of a propane generator over a natural gas unit.

These benefits include:

  • Less noise than a natural gas generator
  • On-demand power to your generator; no broken gas line that you’d have to wait for your town to repair
  • Propane is a clean-burning gas
  • Propane gas can be stored indefinitely; unlike natural gas, it never goes “bad”

Let Diversified Help!

If you make the decision to go with a propane generator, you’ll of course need a propane supplier to deliver the gas to power your unit.

Enter Diversified Energy!

A leading East Coast propane retailer, Diversified Energy services North Carolina as well as parts of South Carolina. The company also maintains a service center in Mount Joy, PA, so those in this town and surrounding areas can also rely on their expertise.

From automatic “watchdog” propane delivery that allows you to have the propane, you need on hand at all times to new gas line or storage tank installation, to emergency response for gas leaks, Diversified stands ready to add you to their 25,000+ customer base.

Diversified Energy has a total of nine showrooms where you can visit and speak with representatives about propane use ideas that can make your life easier and affordable. From grills and fireplaces to stoves and tankless water heaters, Diversified partners with leading manufacturers to install and service the best propane products on the market.

Reliability. Satisfaction. Dependability. These are the backbone of Diversified Energy, and you’ll rest easy knowing that your propane generator and any other propane-powered appliances you own will always have what is needed to operate a full capacity—whenever you need them!